Interview with Philipp Bielmann

Interview with Philipp Bielmann

“The path to the cloud starts with the right IT strategy.”

Companies need to react to different market conditions, new customer preferences and new technologies in an agile manner, while also developing the right business models. Many companies, however, shy away from embarking on a complicated and expensive exercise with an uncertain outcome. Philipp Bielmann, cloud expert at Swisscom, tells us how the leap into the digital age will succeed with the right cloud strategy.

Mr Bielmann, globalisation and digitalisation are bringing new challenges for the economy. Why are cloud solutions so important?

Philipp Bielmann: Specialist departments are demanding applications that can be adapted at shorter and shorter notice, often on an ad hoc basis, and for very specific problems. Solutions based on cloud services offer the highest level of IT agility. In particular, they allow scalable solutions to be developed and put into operation. In other words: if you leave the cloud out of the equation, you are in danger of missing the boat to the business world of the 21st century.

Often, cloud solutions cannot be set up in isolation, but rather existing systems need to be integrated. What do you need to pay attention to on the journey into the cloud?

The challenges can be best mastered by using a well-considered process. Central to this approach is a process that not only allows for purely technical considerations, but also existing processes and organisational aspects. Swisscom has therefore developed “Journey to the Cloud”, a model that works with a modular system of building blocks and service modules that can be combined. It provides support to companies from planning to the implementation of the cloud transformation by offering professional services.

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Find your way to the cloud and make your company more flexible. The white paper will show you which steps are necessary to do so.

«Entering the hybrid cloud world starts with the right cloud strategy»

Philipp Bielmann

Specialised Sales

In the digital age, increasingly demanding customers need to be catered to faster and faster. New business models are needed in order to be able to react to market requirements. What role does the right cloud strategy play

Time-to-market is the watchword of the hour. The technologies in what is known as the “third platform” – this being cloud services, mobility, social networks as well as big data and data analysis – form the basis for innovation and growth. Cloud computing fulfils the requirements of an IT infrastructure that can be optimally scaled to meet current requirements at any time This means that internal processes can be designed to be more flexible and efficient, customer relationships can be improved and new sales opportunities opened up. A clear cloud strategy fills all the gaps in order to transport systems faster and more successfully into the cloud.

Many companies shy away from a transformation to cloud-based IT. The question of cost is often at the forefront. Who can even afford to take this journey into the future?

Based on our cloud assessment and our experience, we can make a considered analysis of all expenses and migration costs. When it comes to the cloud transformation, companies are well advised to choose standardised services and a partner with experience in comparable projects. Complex transformation projects can be implemented quickly and at the lowest possible expense. One-off solutions cobbled together without a clear plan, in contrast, can be extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Everyone knows that a journey should be well planned. What aspects need to be taken into account during the cloud transformation?

You always need to start by clarifying what you are aiming for. Where is the company currently positioned? Which processes can be digitised? The existing IT infrastructure is then analysed carefully and the most suitable deployment and delivery model is chosen. In order to extract the optimum from the opportunities offered by the cloud, the service framework integrates existing processes and organisational structures. This also includes transforming existing systems and applications.

“Journey to the Cloud” will take you on a step-by-step journey to innovative business solutions from the cloud.

Last but not least: which aspects speak in favour of Swisscom’s solutions?

Viewed as a whole, Swisscom offers an outstanding combination of innovative solutions from a single supplier, with extensive expertise, partnership-based customer relationships and the highest security and availability of the services offered. Our customers appreciate the locally based advice, and they attribute great importance to the fact that data in the Swisscom cloud is stored exclusively in Switzerland. Under the label “Professional Services”, we allow our customers to make optimum use of the cloud and to open up new potential for IT and the business as a whole.

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