Find the right way to the cloud

Companies are confronted with the challenge of migrating their workload to the cloud in response to cost pressure, increased business requirements and life cycle issues, so as to lay the foundations for digitalisation.

The cloud solution chosen should continue to assist business processes, while incorporating and ensuring business strategy and thus enabling a rapid response to future requirements as well.

Find the right way to the cloud

Cloud-compatibility and risks, as well as the necessary expenses for migrating existing structures, are determined in the Cloud Assessment. Applications and data are reliably migrated to the cloud in the transformation. Cloud-unfriendly applications can continue to be operated via hybrid IT solutions or made cloud-friendly via an "application modernisation".

Any application interruptions during the migration are kept to an absolute minimum and defused by a fallback.

Find the right way to the cloud

Once a company decides to transfer its IT to a provider, it is above all stability, reliability and security that count.

The pace and framework for the way to the cloud are defined by the company itself. That keeps changes in IT processes, particularly in service management or service desk, in the organisation's own hands. Together with Swisscom, the company determines the integration of the cloud services in its own IT organisation.

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