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Pet tracking

Thanks to sensors and connectivity, nearly every conventional product can become an intelligent product – with many more possibilities. For example, the intelligent cat collar: It alerts the owner via a smartphone app if their cat leaves a certain area and guides the owner directly to the location of their four-legged friend.


  • Expanded service options
  • New business models
  • New competitive advantages



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The intelligent e-Bike

Products are becoming capable of communicating thanks to sensors and connectivity. Manufacturers can profit from many benefits by using real-time data. For example, locating products within the value chain, product optimisation, introducing new features or remote diagnosis and maintenance.


  • Increased customer interaction and loyalty
  • New business models
  • Optimised products and added value services




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Smart parking

Smart cities have parking spaces that communicate whether they are free or not. The person searching for a parking space no longer needs to drive around the area and is instead directly guided to a free space. Invoicing is performed automatically via a digital payment system and costly parking warden rounds are no longer necessary thanks to remote monitoring.


  • Improved traffic distribution
  • Integration in existing city infrastructure
  • Less environmental impact

Find a parking space

Parking space

Monitor a parking space

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Intelligent supply chain

Refrigerators, tanks or warehouses that are networked with sensors and connectivity open up new possibilities. For example, the intelligent beer tank: At low fill levels, it can trigger an order automatically and monitors operating temperatures. Suppliers can therefore offer gastronomy businesses additional services and increase customer loyalty.


  • Increased customer interaction and loyalty
  • Optimisation of existing processes
  • Dynamic, real-time supply chain management



Tank Truck

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Intelligent lift

Networked machines and products are remotely controlled and open up new business opportunities. For example intelligent elevators: Improved reaction times and safety, optimised maintenance services, the introduction of new sales models such as product-as-a-service or pay-per-use as well as personalised forms of advertising and interaction.


  • Proactive diagnosis, maintenance and repairs
  • Improved alarm process and safety
  • Personalised interaction options




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Smart Healthcare

Digitalization in healthcare facilitates the deployment of innovative services – for example for individual consultation, to benefit the healing process or for seamless information flow while reducing costs at the same time. The avatar allows seriously ill long-term patients to interact with the outside world and provides company.


  • New service and care models
  • Optimised care processes
  • Improved feeling of well-being among patients

At home

Avatar in the classroom


Utilise the opportunities that the digital world has to offer

The Internet of Things, Low Power Network or Machine-to-machine: Yesterday’s buzzwords have long been a significant influence on today’s economy. The world is interconnected – everything communicates with everything. This changes the nature of business and ways in which companies operate and do business. The Internet of Things plays a crucial role here: M2M applications, namely smart products and automated processes, increase productivity, reduce costs and make new offers and services available.


Swisscom prepares you for the Internet of Things (IoT) and supports you on your way to leaner processes and new business and service models. You receive one-stop solutions: scalable management platforms, superior end-to-end solutions and first-class connectivity throughout the world and a concept of the quality you would expect of a product made in Switzerland.

Products and solutions

Swisscom is one of the most innovative partners in M2M and IoT applications in the world. Our solutions distinguish themselves through scalability, technology neutrality and the highest security standards. Discover how you can integrate the solutions into your environment quickly and easily.

New opportunities
thanks to smart products

Interconnected products pave the way for new innovative business models across all industries. Discover how smart products can revolutionise your business and therefore open up new markets and opportunities for you.

Efficiency improvement thanks to smart processes

Smart products ensure efficient processes and an optimised use of resources, but they also do more than this: they create secure working environments, increase productivity and reduce costs. Discover how you can use the opportunities of interconnected intelligence in your field.

A suitable M2M solution for every industry

Today, many industries cannot imagine life without M2M communication. It makes our life much easier, more secure and more sustainable. Find out more about everyday M2M applications from the various industries.

Swisscom – the right partner for your M2M application

We offer your company professional support and guide you securely into the digital future. Together with innovative researchers, technology partners and customers from all over the world, we have been involved in M2M/IoT development for over 25 years and we play a leading role in this field. That means you can benefit from an innovative portfolio and up-to-date quality standards.

Top quality throughout the world

M2M solutions are only as smart as the environment in which they are created and as reliable as the network in which they are embedded. Swisscom therefore places great emphasis on quality – on the development of products, the evaluation of partners, the expansion of our network and on the services we offer to our customers. This is not simply because quality awareness has become part of the Swisscom philosophy, but also because reliability and security are becoming important key factors, as we rely more on machines. Our ambition to achieve the highest standards and sustainable solutions make us a leading provider, also in the M2M industry.

Getting started with M2M

Are you interested in M2M? We can offer you the package for a successful start.


Regardless of which stage your M2M plans are at, contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you. We will be pleased to organise an inspiring workshop for you to give your M2M project the necessary momentum.

Starting offer

Swisscom supports you in the development of your own M2M applications and in developing these further. Get yourself off to a professional start with a Developer Kit or trial offer, including all of the necessary tools as well as comprehensive services and support services.

AEP Developer Kit

CMP Developer Kit


Current studies, practical case studies and exciting trends on the subject of M2M can be found free-of-charge in our Download Center.


Would you like to find out more about the benefits M2M could offer your company? We would be glad to advise you. Contact our experts.

Your expert

Roger Kaspar

Head of Sales Internet of Things

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