A suitable M2M solution for every industry

Every industry has different requirements – and M2M applications are repeatedly paying off across the board: new business models, optimised and automated business processes, fewer routine tasks for employees and faster and better solutions for customers.

Automobile industry

Smart cars offer a higher level of safety, comfort and a new driving experience. Manufacturers are also benefiting from new business models – from remote maintenance to localisation in the event of theft – and are devoting all resources to further development.


Health & well-being

We are living longer than ever before, which means that healthcare costs are increasing. M2M helps reduce the outgoings whilst at the same time improving the quality of healthcare. Thanks to real-time data, efficiency and patient satisfaction are increasing in the hospital sector, as well as in outpatient care, which is an area that is currently expanding.


POS and retail

M2M solutions increasingly comprise monitoring of processes, cash flows and sales performances. In the retail sector, they therefore help to minimise operating costs, whilst at the same time increasing sales. New sources of revenue are developed with minimal capital expenditure and the customer experience is optimised.


Public authorities & public service

M2M technology forms the basis of Smart Cities, as thanks to real-time data it offers new approaches to urban challenges: smart transport, increased security and remote monitoring and maintenance of public installations.


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Entertainment and leisure industry

The provision of entertainment and leisure offers is increasingly evolving from classic, individual products to expandable services with long-term customer relationships. In the entertainment electronics sector in particular, providers can set themselves apart from their competitors with M2M applications.


Energy and support

Establishing networks and real-time data makes it possible to use energy resources more efficiently, save costs in facility management and ultimately also optimise the use of more environmentally friendly forms of energy, which are liable to fluctuations.


Security and monitoring

Monitoring or emergency systems such as cameras, sensors or alarm systems that are connected to the mobile phone network markedly increase security. Businesses, railway lines, purification plants etc. can even be monitored remotely in far-flung areas without expensive construction measures being required.


Logistics and transport

M2M also aims to do the following: Commercial vehicle fleets are looking to optimise their general fleet costs. Thanks to real-time data, traffic situations or fluctuating fuel prices are always being monitored. Driver productivity, cost-effective measures for environmental protection and fleet security can be increased, whilst avoidable downtime can be reduced.


Getting started with M2M

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