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Smart products not only revolutionise the way in which we interact with our environment, but they also revolutionise our consumer and user habits. This means that M2M technologies change entire industry structures and open up new opportunities and unique competitive advantages. Based on smart and interconnected products, businesses can develop new business models, particularly with B2B and B2B2C applications which reveal significant potential. This includes the Product as a Service model (PaaS), use-based offers and shared infrastructures, to name but a few examples. Further added value can be found in the use of interconnected products within the scope of a new range of functions and service offers that considerably improve the user experience.

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Swisscom is one of the most innovative partners in M2M and IoT applications in the world. Our solutions distinguish themselves through scalability, technology neutrality and the highest security standards. Discover how you can integrate the solutions into your environment quickly and easily.

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Product as a Service

Usage based models

Dynamic pricing models

Smart and networked products not only revolutionise the way in which we interact with our environment, but they change the way we consume and use products. In essence, M2M has the ability to change entire industry structures and open up competitive advantages through unique application offerings and models.

A great deal of potential exists specifically in the area of B2B and B2B2C business model offerings. These can include Product as a Service models (PaaS), usage-based offers and shared infrastructures to name a few. As well as this, connected products improve the user’s experience with new functions and services.

Product as a Service

Smart products allows user access to be managed, utilisation to monitored and maintenance to take place proactively. The customer benefits primarily from more flexibility and security, because conventional outlay is converted into operating costs.


  • Improved service options for the customer
  • Real-time information on product use so that new products can be designed
  • Expanded market access

Usage based models

Customers are able to purchase a product based on the time they use it. This includes rental or leasing models and sharing.


  • Expanded product offer leads to new market opportunities
  • Makes Try & Buy offers possible
  • Improved customer interaction and personalised product offers

Dynamic pricing models

Smart products make tailor-made pricing models possible, based on specific customer preferences and the context of use.


  • Customer-specific offers are created on the basis of collected sensor data instead of demographic averages
  • Pricing models react dynamically to ambient situations
  • Providers charge fees according to potential savings

Facts & Figures


With IOT


ROI optimisation

B2B and B2B2C applications in connection with loT have double the economic potential that user applications have.

McKinsey Global Institute 
The Internet of Thing: Mapping the value beyond the hype

USD 0 Billion



with potential

The revolutionary nature of smart products breaks with the traditional value chain and forces companies to review virtually all of their internal and external procedures and redesign them.

Michael E. Porter and James E. Heppelmann
How Smart connected products are transforming competition

New opportunities

The Internet of Things will fundamentally change competition and make it easier to create new business models for companies and users.

McKinsey Global Institute
The Internet of Thing: Mapping the value beyond the hype

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