Connectivity Management Summary

Management Summary

Connectivity as a basis for digitalisation

The network forms the basis for the digitalisation of companies, and is the lifeline of the digital society.

Whether it’s people, places, organisations, machines or objects: Everything is joining up in one big network. The Swisscom network is one of the best in the world, and we are focussing all our efforts on ensuring it remains this way in future.

Making new business models and customer experiences a reality

Establishing networks is not only a prerequisite for allowing a company to digitalise. Because it makes new forms of interaction possible, it improves customer experiences. Networking things, people and places allows completely new business models to be created.

Connecting people

Nowadays, employees can work at any time, and anywhere, they like. There are all sorts of new opportunities to interact and to provide better customer experiences. Mobile connectivity must be secure and have a high capacity. Together with its partners, Swisscom is promoting the development of the next-generation mobile network (5G).

Connecting places & organisations

Gigantic volumes of data are sent through the networks, and the infrastructure constantly needs to be upgraded. As one of the very first providers worldwide, Swisscom has invested in technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), thereby allowing customers to have a completely new experience.


Connecting things

More and more machines and things are forming communication networks. Innovative and attractive business models are being developed. Many processes are becoming increasingly intelligence-based, and are thereby increasing levels of efficiency. Swisscom is considered one of the world’s most innovative partners for IoT solutions.

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Connecting people

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Connecting things

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