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How artificial intelligence improves customer service

The helpdesk software ThinkOwl relieves the burden on customer service staff by means of artificial intelligence. In an interview, Dejan Mastrapovic explains how this improves efficiency and what to look out for when introducing it.

Text: Andreas Kunkel, Images: Swisscom,

Mr Mastrapovic, as a consultant at Swisscom you supported the introduction of ThinkOwl in Switzerland. What exactly is ThinkOwl?

Dejan Mastrapovic: ThinkOwl is a case management system for the omni-channel. This enables companies to process customer issues much more efficiently than with conventional solutions. Even with limited staff and resources, interaction with customers is sustainably improved. ThinkOwl uses artificial intelligence for this purpose. The system learns from the employees how to process customer interactions via e-mail, chat or social media, for example: What is prioritised and when? What information is collected? Which text modules and aids are used for this or that case?


So the tool handles the pre-sorting and classification of incoming messages?

The support service that it provides goes far beyond that. Thanks to its intelligent keyword search, ThinkOwl not only recognises specific content, in an e-mail for example. The system has also learned which processing step a message should be assigned to.


A common problem in customer service is that customers often forget relevant information when making an enquiry. Can ThinkOwl also provide support here?

Yes, often employees have to ask for missing data in such cases and reassign the new input that arrives to a case. Only then do they discover that something is still missing. This ties up resources, is tedious and expensive. This game of ping-pong - collecting information, assigning it, checking it and asking time and again - is no longer necessary. When the employee opens the case managed in advance by ThinkOwl, he has all the relevant information in front of him and can immediately start checking or processing.


How long does ThinkOwl take to capture the usual routines in a customer centre?

After just a few processing steps, ThinkOwl "understands" the written process and "knows" what needs to be done and when. In this way, the system can also support other employees in the company. For example, ThinkOwl provides FAQs on topics that have been important time and again in complaints and displays them on the screen. Or the system offers the appropriate text modules because it has learned which passages are usually used when.



With the helpdesk solution ThinkOwl, information is read out automatically and routine responses are automated.

How great is the increase in efficiency?

ThinkOwl offers Swiss companies, institutions and government authorities a solution that eliminates the frequent and time-consuming to-ing and fro-ing between customers and companies. It creates target-oriented process handling for the benefit of both sides. But companies cannot go from 0 to 100 with it. As with any new assistant, ThinkOwl first needs to analyse the logic behind the scenes to learn about the processes and how they are dealt with by employees. After a few months, customers are already noticing a significant increase in efficiency in their service processes - without anything else having been changed.

ThinkOwl also learns from existing processes?

Correct. Until now, process flows have generally been specified, and people were then supposed to implement these with the help of technology. However, the fact that employees complete individual process steps differently and more efficiently due to their experience is often ignored. This is taken into account by the system. ThinkOwl "learns" from professionals in order to support them actively afterwards.


Test ThinkOwl free of charge for 30 days

Convince yourself about ThinkOwl. Register on the website You will receive access for five users by e-mail and can then try out ThinkOwl free of charge for 30 days. With "Live in Five", the optional on-boarding programme, Swisscom supports you and your team for the first five days. During this time, use cases are developed and employees are trained.


Your benefits:

  • Multichannel Inbox
    Customer inquiries are sorted AI based according to topics and urgency in a central inbox.
  • Case Management AI supported
    Content is automatically read out from the messages by the AI and merged into one process.
  • Integration capability
    Easy integration into existing service center environments for front- and backoffice.
  • Scalability
    Flexible scalable number of users or desired functions based on 4 possible service plans.
  • Software as a Service
    Solution provided out of the Swisscom Cloud.

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