Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence enables systems to feel, understand, learn and act with ever-increasing efficiency, creating new, ground-breaking opportunities for the whole economy.

Your AI one stop shop

The Swisscom competence centre for applied artificial intelligence offers companies everything they need for quick, successful implementation of artificial intelligence solutions: we can assist you at every stage, from advising you about the right technology to the actual integration process.


We can help you identify problems that can be solved with AI and advise you how to proceed.


We evaluate data, choose the right AI enabler and develop the best solution accordingly.


We help you to integrate the solution into your systems, ensure that it runs smoothly, maintain it and develop it further.

  • “No other technology will change our world more over the next few years than artificial intelligence.”

    Urs Lehner, Head of Swisscom Enterprise Customers

  • «Thanks to their creativity and social skills, human beings will remain indispensable in the labour market in the future.»

    Bigna Salzmann, CR manager, Work Smart Swisscom

  • «Artificial intelligence makes us smarter, enabling us to meet today's huge challenges. »

    Prof. Boi Faltings, Director AI-Lab EPFL

Artificial intelligence will change your business too

Artificial intelligence enables systems to feel, understand, learn and act with ever-increasing efficiency, creating new, ground-breaking opportunities for the whole economy. Swisscom, in collaboration with the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), has opened a competence centre to enable Swiss businesses to use artificial intelligence quickly and easily.

Enablers for AI applications

Artificial intelligence enablers from Swisscom help you to develop AI applications easily and quickly. Thanks to standardised interfaces, our AI enablers can easily be integrated into new or existing systems. All enablers are specifically trained for their respective context.

Sentiment Detector

Automatically recognizes the mood in texts.


Automatically converts spoken words into text.


Automatically summarizes texts.


Automatically classifies text content.


Automatically anonymizes sensitive data in texts.

Keyphrase Extractor

Automatically extracts key phrases from texts.

Entity Finder

Automatically finds objects in texts.


Automatically translates texts into other languages.

Possible areas of application for AI

Artificial intelligence applications can help businesses in many different areas. They are particularly suitable for analysing large quantities of data in the shortest possible time and finding new solutions to complex problems. Our AI experts are happy to advise you individually about possible areas of application.

Customer Experience


Human Resources



Why AI from Swisscom?

Highly qualified advisers, developers and designers
Partnership with the EPFL AI Lab
Simple, fast integration using APIs
AI applications also in German and French
Adapted to the realities of Swiss industries
All data remains in Switzerland
Secure, reliable infrastructure

AI Team

Marc Steffen, Head of Product Design
Olivier Heitz, Senior Interaction Designer

Laure Willemin, Head of Product Development, with team

Dr Andreea Hossman, Head of Data Science

Dr Felix von Reischach, Head of Product Management

Maximilian Rengel, Head of Business Development

AI Stories

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I look forward to advising you about AI.   

Dr. Felix von Reischach
Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning