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IT Outsourcing: Helping Your Business to Succeed

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing: The Key to Success

When it comes to tackling the business challenges that the future holds, companies need to make their IT operations flexible, agile and scalable. With customized IT outsourcing, Swisscom offers needs‑based packages for large businesses and SMEs alike. As an IT partner on the journey through the digital transformation, Swisscom focuses on three aspects: security, availability and reliability. Find out how Swisscom can take the strain off your IT and request a free and non-binding outsourcing workshop worth CHF 5000.

Text: Dr. Jakob Jung, 19 may

In an age of digitalization and fierce competitive pressure in many industries, companies need to seize every opportunity to become more flexible and efficient. The option to incorporate various issues into outsourcing can help a company to master these challenges by selectively obtaining the necessary expertise that it lacks from the outsourcing provider. This gives the company access at any time to expert knowledge and resources that are difficult to find on the open market – for example, in the field of security. Outsourcing customers do not have to employ their own specialists, there is a targeted flow of expertise (from the IT partner to the company), and there is no need for the HR department to get embroiled in the war for talented staff currently raging around the world.


When information technology infrastructure is outsourced, resources are freed up, and companies can then redirect these to focus on their core business. If additional expertise and manpower are required for innovative projects, they can be obtained from the partner. Only if companies invest in innovations will they be able to remain competitive in the face of rising pressure worldwide. With IT outsourcing, business can respond to load peaks with greater agility and scale their IT capacities more quickly.


Another key benefit of smart sourcing is transparency with regard to cost and benefit. Service providers show customers in detail exactly which services have been provided at which times.

Swisscom – your partner in Switzerland

Swisscom is the largest and most capable partner to companies in Switzerland. Two thirds of Swiss cantonal banks already depend on the security, availability and reliability that Swisscom has to offer. The best network in Switzerland forms a sound framework for the business customer portfolio. Swisscom outsourcing can be procured locally, 100% in Switzerland, or augmented with global resources. With dependable 24/7 support, urgent inquiries and change requests can be handled reliably at any time.


As an IT consultant, Swisscom has the experience and the ecosystem to give any customer tailored support in navigating the digital transformation. From the conceptual stage to implementation and operations, all of a customer's services can be taken on with the support of a 360-degree range of IT services.


Corporate IT security can be handed over to Swisscom in its entirety via comprehensive and professional security management. The outsourcing portfolio includes cloud solutions, data centers, workplace, SAP solutions, up to ServiceNow, network infrastructure and much more. Availabilities, service times and quality are offered to customers in various categories to suit their requirements. Availabilities are guaranteed up to 99.99%.


Sourcing services are based primarily on customer needs. Depending on a customer's circumstances, individual services, whole fields of work or the entire ICT operation can be outsourced to Swisscom. Services can be provided either in a standardized form on shared resources at Swisscom data centers or tailored specifically to the customer at its premises and using its equipment (hardware, software, tools).


Swisscom operates a number of georedundant and highly secure data centers in Switzerland. This means that information security and data protection in accordance with strict Swiss law are guaranteed at all times. Around the world, Swisscom has a high-quality ecosystem comprising prestigious providers.

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Market research confirms leading position

Independent market research company ISG has confirmed that Swisscom is miles ahead of its competitors when it comes to sourcing. Its verdict is that "Swisscom is the leading provider of managed services and has an impressive and comprehensive portfolio in the on-premise and cloud computing sectors."


Swisscom's expertise in outsourcing and comprehensive managed services received plenty of praise from the experts who compiled the ISG study, who said, "Maximum Swissness coupled with innovation and experience are standard procedure at Swisscom and what make the difference for more than 200 cloud customers."

From sourcing to data-driven business

Swisscom does not merely focus on traditional sourcing but also gives customers the opportunity to implement extensive upgrades and digitalization to help them become data-driven businesses. Data-driven business is a major trend in the business world. Company managers agree that they want to generate added value through data, but for many, there has been a question mark hanging over the subject of implementation. What exactly is data-driven business?


This may relate to fundamental business strategies or to specific use cases, such as the possibility of using data about employee movements to determine office capacity utilization or create an automated system for displaying when conference rooms are vacant.


"We help by providing a structured approach and can offer comprehensive advice as a partner in the digitalization process. We have the expertise, the experience and the resources. Our work is very much based on customer needs," explains Peter Ronchetti, Head of Cloud & Outsourcing Solutions at Swisscom.

Taking it one step at a time

Thanks to its experienced consultants, anyone choosing Swisscom for outsourcing services has come to the right place. They will draw up a detailed plan and guide the customer through it step by step. The process of outsourcing separate segments starts with non-business-critical workloads in the public cloud or the Swisscom private cloud. Customers can gradually take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability, high flexibility and the concept of pay-as-you-go. This provides the best possible protection for investments in internal systems and makes full use of the lifecycle. Legacy systems requiring adjustments to applications can therefore be converted without any time pressure and migrated gradually.


How long an outsourcing project takes depends on various factors, such as the scope of the services to be outsourced and the size of the customer. It is also relevant whether the project involves a simple transition from the customer to the provider or whether significant upgrades and transformations of services are to be made in the process – for example, operating system migration to Windows 10, introduction of unified communications and collaboration (UCC), the switch from Lotus Notes to Microsoft, etc. On average, it takes three months for a manageable transition and six to twelve months for more complex transformations. There are various stages to outsourcing up to the transition point, operational stabilization on provider processes and the start of the various transformation projects.


What form IT outsourcing takes depends on the individual character of the company in question. We can work with you to draw up a situation analysis and identify areas for action in the future in an initial free, non-binding workshop. Please feel free to contact us.


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