Innovation: devising
disruptive business models

Focussing on
benefits for customers

New technologies eventually replace established business models. This provides innovatively operating companies with huge opportunities. Traditional ways of thinking about customer requirements, adding value and business processes have to be challenged consistently. Indeed, many manufacturers are already relying on hybrid products and service models. Rather than only selling products, they are offering tangible customer benefits. So, for instance, drill manufacturers are selling holes rather than drills, compressor manufacturers are selling compressed air, and manufacturers of blinds are selling ambient conditions. These pioneers are using digitised processes to expand their value chain.


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Expert interview: are Swiss companies ready for the digital age?


In 2015

companies plan to invest EUR 29 million digitising their business model.

EY, 2015


of companies say that data-driven business models are important. However, 40% of them believe that they have very limited skills in this area.


More than 40%

of all companies expect the Internet of Things (IoT) to change their business model or provide opportunities to considerably increase sales or cut costs.

Gartner, 2015

The Smart Enterprise ecosystem

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Smart Enterprise Strategy

Do you want to become one of the pioneers of the digital age? Within the framework of our Smart Enterprise Strategy service, our experts support you in sustainably transforming and repositioning your company, turning it into a smart enterprise. Our Agile Strategy Design for Digital Transformation is an agile and iterative procedure for quickly testing elements of your strategy. This procedure takes account of both the comprehensive ecosystem perspective and specific application scenarios. Smart Enterprise Strategy comprises:

  • A structured procedure with tried-and-tested techniques, roles and activities
  • Strategies for tapping new business areas, revenue sources and customer groups
  • Defining the new key skills for the company
  • Deriving measures for increasing efficiency and improving process quality

The identification of optimisation potentials and cost-saving opportunities

A structured approach, including associated techniques, results, roles and activities

A combination of a strategic and a business model

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Predictive maintenance in five steps

Our expert paper explains in five easy steps how predictive maintenance can help you do far more than prevent outages. The well thought-out structure of the technology platform enables you to gain decisive competitive advantages, even in the implementation phase.

Lessons learnt: Tips on the road to becoming a smart enterprise

The six most important tips collated for you from the experience gained in our pioneering projects. Focus: better products, customer-friendly services and digital business models.

Co-creation: joining forces for a smart enterprise

The best ideas arise when people from different fields exchange ideas. In our co-creation workshop, you'll develop solutions for the networked world together with your customers and lateral thinkers from unrelated sectors.

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«We also want to harness digitisation to offer more customer benefits in the future. There are numerous options available in this regard, which include, for example, equipping our products with sensors. This approach, would make it possible to monitor components such as wheels or suspension parts, check if parts subject to regular wear and tearneed to be replaced, or review the configuration. Combined with other information such as user, weather or environmental data, for example, it is possible to determine what the optimal settingsare, which parts need to be replaced, and where the nearest service centre is. There are a great many options.»

Michael Schütz, CFO DT Swiss

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