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Cybersecurity for the networked world

Digital transformation is the order of the day. Digitisation means networking with an unprecedented intensity. People, machines, technology and business are constantly networked with one another. Processes are being digitised. Many systems can be accessed from any location via the Internet. Cybersecurity is essential here.

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Armed against cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are sharply on the rise. Instead of amateurs, professional groups are now at work. They take an organised approach and frequently use new attack paths. Companies cannot tackle the concentrated force of these cyber threats alone. New security solutions are needed: managed security with professional round-the-clock operation and preventive measures that are are adjusted continuously. Ongoing monitoring is also required in order to detect breaches early on. As are security specialists who intervene immediately. Threats are growing on various fronts: the causes, types of attackers and attack methods are increasing.

More causes

Cyber threats have many sources: outdated software with vulnerabilities, unpatched systems or carelessness when dealing with new technologies such as the Internet of Things.

More types of attackers

Attackers frequently have different faces: hacktivists, cyber criminals, internal perpetrators or intelligence services that use cyber attacks for their own purposes.

More attack methods

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Attackers can bypass conventional security measures using methods such as botnets, drive-by exploits or advanced persistent threats.

Managed Security for you and your customers

Be it for SMEs or large corporations: Cybersecurity is essential for business success in two ways. First, because your intellectual property can only remain your own with a secure IT infrastructure. Second, because you need secure electronic processes that are available at all times for digital business models. Only then can you be certain that authorised customers are logged in to your system, for example. As a leading provider of Cybersecurity, Swisscom provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Security Services for both areas: a secure IT infrastructure and secure digital processes.

Protection for your IT infrastructure

Comprehensive protection for your IT. Prevention, detection and intervention in the areas of network, workplace, mobile, content, monitoring and reporting.

Security for your digital processes

The security services for fully digital processes. Secure data, secure identification, authentication or signing for you and your customers.

Go with the security leader

With the Swisscom Managed Security Services, you play it safe. Our security management is based on the clever combination of humans and machines. Sophisticated technology and highly specialised cyber experts allow us to identify cyber threats earlier and more accurately. We provide you with Cybersecurity optimised for Switzerland. Around the clock. We are always alert!

At home in the Swiss network

Swisscom operates the Swiss network. This allows us to record security-related events and activities in Switzerland earlier and thus act faster.

More than 1,000 security customers

More than 1,000 Swiss companies already rely on us for security. In the event of new types of attacks on our customers or on us, the new knowledge is automatically utilised in protecting all of our customers.

More than 100 security experts

More than 100 dedicated security specialists have your back. We also have an ongoing exchange of information with a Swiss and worldwide security network.

Interaction between humans and machines

To recognise threats early and draw the right conclusions, experts are always on hand. The machines learn through the experts’ analysis.

Compliance and data storage in Switzerland

With us, you are also in safe hands when it comes to compliance. We comply with the key standards: ISAE 3402, ISO 27001, the FINMA recommendations and Swiss data protection law.

The latest on security

Press release

Swisscom once again crowned the leading provider of MSS in 2016

As in the previous year, Swisscom has come out on top as the leading Swiss Managed Security Service Provider in 2016 in the Security Vendor Benchmark published by the independent Experton Group.


Threat Detection & Response

Comprehensive company protection due to early detection and a professional response to Cybersecurity attacks

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SGKB places its trust in Ransomware Protection

An attack involving ransomware can completely paralyse a company if the worst comes to pass. St. Galler Kantonalbank, SGKB, has made clever provisions.

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Data protection and security

Data deserves the best protection

Information is one of the most valuable assets of our age. We are committed to transmitting and storing information as securely and reliably as possible.

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