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Nothing happens without the cloud – play in active role in shaping digitisation

Digitisation is radically changing the economic value chain. Everything communicates with everything. In 2020, the digital universe will consist of 40 zettabytes of data. Thanks to big data, concrete recommendations for action can be derived from this sea of data. However, it is not only important to get the mass of this data under control, but also its speed and variety.


This is where the cloud comes into play. It is the cement for the top trends big data, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. The multitude of digital services require a dynamic cloud infrastructure. Companies must now find their way into the cloud, to avoid missing their connection to the future. This is the only way to remain agile, bring new services to the market more quickly, and stay in control of data.

A hybrid cloud – the best of both clouds

Computing power on site or everything in the cloud? Companies are managing this balancing act with hybrid cloud solutions. Companies can be flexible and agile and choose the environment in which a new virtual server should be set up according to the scenario – locally in their own computer centre, or in a public cloud in a scalable and failsafe manner.

A system that is already operating can be moved to the cloud at the click of a mouse, or returned to the company’s own internal environment.

Our award:

Swisscom has some of the most attractive cloud solutions in Switzerland – this was demonstrated for the second time in a row by the market research company Experton Group in their independent “Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2015”.


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