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Get your company fit for the future

Digitisation and its effects can be felt everywhere. We receive book tips that an algorithm has produced based on our buying behaviour, buy e-books with a click of the mouse and then start reading them a few seconds later on our smartphones, tablets or e-readers.

But that is just the beginning. Nobody can stop digital transformation. Every day start-ups with revolutionary ideas are forcing their way onto the markets and turning traditional business models on their heads with digitisation strategies. Those who try to oppose this trend will miss out on a unique opportunity to capture new customers and markets, while also running the risk of disappearing from the market altogether.

Consumers are ready for digitised products, they expect them and are buying them. And it can pay off for you, too:

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, companies that embrace digitisation generate 26 per cent more turnover, are more profitable and have a higher company value.

What makes digital leaders stand out from the crowd? They have completed their change management homework, revised their customer experience, and personalised and automated their processes, which in turn makes them more efficient.

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The prerequisites for the digital transformation are ideal in Switzerland: well-trained employees, high per capita incomes, global networking, a strong interest in mobile Internet access and the highest concentration of smartphones. We can support you with the digital transformation in three steps: we improve the customer experience with you, automate and optimise processes, and develop or revise your business model. In addition, we look for answers to the following questions together with you:


  • What chances or risks are there for your company?
  • Do you have a digital strategy? How customer-oriented is it?
  • Do you have the necessary digital knowledge and the experience to take the next steps?

Start down the road to digital transformation now. We’ll stay at your side along the way.

Are you fit for digital transformation?

Is your company ready for digital transformation or are you already a digital leader? Find out now and discover your potential.

Insight: digitisation at Swisscom

Technological change is a constant companion in the telecommunication and IT sector. Changes, innovations and challenges are part of everyday life for us: on the one hand we constantly scrutinise our products and services and develop them further, and on the other we optimise our collaboration activities on a regular basis

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One example here is Natel Infinity. In 2009 free message services, like WhatsApp, appeared on the market. They competed strongly with SMS and our revenue plummeted. We had to think about how we could make our subscriptions more attractive again, react to the increasing data needs of our customers and thus ensure our turnover. This represented the starting signal for the Natel Infinity project, which we realised in just 100 days. How did we manage this? Take a look for yourself.

Benefit from our expertise

Milos Radovic has gathered a wealth of practical experience related to digitisation and digital transformation. Contact him or register for one of his co-creation workshops.

Your personal contact:

Mr Milos Radovic

Senior Business Developer at Digital Business & Innovations

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+41 58 225 89 04

Co-Creation workshop with Milos Radovic

Do you want to get started with digital transformation? Take the first step, and we’ll stay at your side along the way.

Which challenges do you face with Digitisation?

Ensure data communication

In the digital age, a reliable, high-performance and secure information and communication infrastructure is one of the most important foundations for successful commercial activity.

New business models

Tap into new business models in digital banking with services such as crowdfunding, finance portals and mobile payment.

Digital customer experience

For a seamless customer experience, Swisscom offers you solutions in customer self-service and in digital client advisory services.

Use mobile devices and apps securely

Customised mobile services enable the identification of company-specific risks in the mobile environment, simplify management of and guarantee the security of all devices and applications.