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Test and get to know green ICT services with no obligation

You can hear and read a lot about green ICT. However, when it comes to concrete use of such services in a company, there are still numerous uncertainties. At Swisscom, you can receive non-binding consultation, try out green ICT solutions live, such as high-resolution video conferences or Collaboration Whiteboard Services, and subject your workstations and printers to thorough testing for energy efficiency.

We would also be pleased to organise a tour of our modern and efficient computer centers so that you can experience first hand how energy-efficient hosting, housing and cloud solutions work.

Or would you like to generally gain a more concrete overview of the possibilities of green ICT? We would be happy to arrange a non-binding consultation with our green ICT specialists.

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Workplace energy assessment for your workstations

Would you like to find out how energy efficient your workstations and printers are and how you can save electricity and costs in this area?


As part of our workplace energy assessment, we use the Joulex software to create an energy balance sheet for your workstations and printer without interfering with the hardware. Through a subsequent comparison with reference companies, your savings potential can be calculated quickly and easily and recommendations for optimisation derived from this


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What do cloud, hosting and housing services have to offer?

Find out what our services have to offer and experience how an energy-efficient computer center is operated with renewable energy – we will organise a visit to a computer center for you and inform you about the latest technology, as well as the planned steps for ongoing optimisation of our computer centers.


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