Green ICT Survey

Green ICT Survey

The environment and Green ICT in Swiss companies

Green ICT: indispensable component of environmentally sound behaviour

Operating all the computers in the world already generates more CO2 emissions than global air traffic. Companies that make a contribution to reducing CO2 not only act in an environmentally sound manner, but can also lower their costs.

Green ICT stands for environmentally friendly and resource-efficient information and communications technology and thus for increasing efficiency and saving energy in an intelligent and sustainable manner.

Survey on Swiss companies' attitudes towards the environment

Swisscom itself is strongly committed to sustainability. With this survey, Swisscom aims to discover what attitudes Swiss companies have towards the environment, how they view ecological topics and how established this topic is within the companies. The survey is being carried out in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen.

Aim of the survey

The focus of the survey has an environmental dimension:

  • How relevant are renewable energy sources, energy-efficient networks and ICT, climate-friendly products and services, energy-efficient buildings and vehicles?

And a social and economic dimension:

  • How important is a green portfolio, how relevant is the business partner's image, do internal guidelines exist and what are the reasons for implementing green ICT solutions?

Conducting the survey

The survey focuses on Swiss companies. First, personal interviews were conducted with managers and IT managers, which were then supplemented with an online questionnaire – also for managers and IT managers.

A total of 463 companies took part in interviews for this survey. This equates to final participation of 7.4 percent. 20 percent of those interviewed were female and 80 percent were male. Nine out of ten interview partners were from the top management levels of the company (CEO, CIO), and around ten percent came from the middle management level. The opinion of small companies is best represented in this survey – they make up 90 percent of those surveyed. 5 percent came from medium-sized companies and 5 percent from large enterprises. The survey therefore reflects the reality of the Swiss economy very well.

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