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Alternative Bank

Alternative Bank

“We know for certain that the IT is operated
in accordance with top environmental criteria.”

Sustainable investments in a sustainable computer center

The Alternative Bank Schweiz (ABS) is a socially and environmentally responsible bank. The financial institution publishes all loans paid out so that bank customers know what their money is being used for at all times. The ABS finances only environmental and social projects and companies. In doing so, the bank refrains from maximising profit and focuses consistently on sustainability and ethical considerations.


Success Story Alternative Bank (PDF 1'350 KB)

Green ICT Certificate (PDF 594 KB)


The Alternative Bank Schweiz (ABS) has been a savings and credit bank for 20 years and now has around 25,000 customers. Investments are made according to environmental and social criteria. Sustainability is also important to ABS in its daily operations. For example, the headquarters are located in a building that complies with the high-grade Minergie P+ standard. They also wanted the operation of the IT infrastructure to meet environmental and social criteria.