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Rundum mobil GmbH

Rundum mobil GmbH

"More mobility thanks to flexible communications solutions."

More mobility thanks to flexible communications solutions

Communications solutions, such as Hosted Services and web-based applications, enable mobility, are easy to use and grow in line with the company. The office for mobility, Rundum mobil GmbH in Thun, also builds on this.

Success Story Rundum mobil GmbH (PDF 177 KB)

Green ICT Certificate (PDF 282 KB)


Rundum mobil GmbH was founded in 2007. It was formed from the union of five self-employed workers who met one another through projects. In order to act successfully on the market, the right communications solutions had to be found and installed after the company was established. For Monika Tschannen, a member of the Management Board, it was clear from the beginning that the infrastructure had to ensure mobile working above all.