Mobile ID in practice

Mobile ID in practice

Mobile ID in practice

Versatile application

You can use Mobile ID wherever you need secure authentication. Regardless of whether customers, partners or employees use Mobile ID: with Mobile ID, the digital identities can be uniquely determined, and access and interaction is effectively protected.

Mobile ID in brief

Mobile ID for authentication of employees or partners

  • Secure login for remote work stations
  • Access control for data and enterprise applications (e.g. ERP)
  • Protection of  VPN access to company network
  • Login to business-to-business applications, intranet and extranet portals
  • Protection of web applications and single sign-on services
  • Integration of mobile devices in CRM and ERP workflows
  • Protection of terminal services, remote desktop integration in complete solutions (e.g. authentication gateways and web application firewalls)
  • Confirmation of declaration of will for electronic signatures
  • Authentication of users in the context of password reset systems (incl. encrypted transmission of the temporary password)

Day-to-day work in the company

Cloud computing, BYOD and mobile working increase the demands placed on a strong authentication solution. With Mobile ID, your employees or partners have a secure and convenient way of providing authentication on enterprise applications. Mobile ID can be used for VPN, single sign-on services, web login, ERP, remote access solutions, cloud services and other applications.