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Mobile Connect available from Swisscom


GSMA's Mobile Connect is the mobile operator facilitated authentication solution that provides simple, secure and convenient access to online services. It combines the user's unique mobile number and PIN to verify and authenticate their identity without sharing their personal data. The Mobile Connect Solution is designed for large Service Providers with global reach. The secure universal log-in solution (level 4 authentication) is commercially available from Swisscom (Sunrise) for Switzerland.

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Swisscom Mobile ID nominated for the GSMA Award


Swisscom was shortlisted for the prestigious GSMA Award in the category «Best Authentication & Identity Solution». The World Mobile Congress in Barcelona proved to be the ideal setting to present, as the world's first mobile communications provider, a live demo of an identity solution in interplay with Mobile ID.

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Simply sign with your mobile phone


Handwritten signatures are getting competition. With the new “All-in Signing Service”, users can simply and securely sign with their mobile phones. Cumbersome printing out and mailing of paper documents is no longer necessary. All it takes are apps or websites linked to Swisscom’s signature service and a Mobile ID-enabled SIM card from Swisscom, Orange or Sunrise. This secure and easy-to-use solution makes simple signing with the help of a mobile phone possible for the first time

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Mobile ID also on Orange and Sunrise


Secure login for the whole of Switzerland – Swisscom, Sunrise and Orange provide the “Mobile ID” service for secure and simple authentication via mobile phone together. Mobile ID enables users to easily log in to online portals or for e-banking using their mobile phones. All that is required is a latest-generation SIM card. This is already available from Swisscom. Orange and Sunrise will be including it in their portfolio at the end of the year.

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Mobile ID receives “Best Practice 2014” award


A jury of experts selected Swisscom Mobile ID for the “Mobile Business Best Practice 2014” award. The award was presented at this year’s St. Gallen Mobile Business Forum, to which the University of St. Gallen had been invited. Mobile ID won over the jury as “the most innovative mobile business solution for promoting customer loyalty”.

“We are proud of the award. It confirms once again that Mobile ID is a future-oriented solution that combines user-friendliness, security and mobility in an innovative manner and by so doing contributes to optimising processes and reducing costs,” says Adrian Humbel, Head of Security Solutions at Swisscom.


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Update: SAML and SuisseID Integration Guide



Updated "SAML and SuisseID Integration Guide" ready for download.


Documentazioni tecniche

Update: Mobile ID SOAP client reference guide



Updated "Mobile ID SOAP client reference guide" ready for download.


Technical documents

Mobile ID SOAP client reference guide



Updated "Mobile ID SOAP client reference guide" ready for download.


Technical documents

PostFinance: Log into e-finance securely with your mobile phone



PostFinance is offering its customers a mobile alternative for logging into e-banking e-finance). From 21 October 2013, customers will be able to log in any time and anywhere using their mobile phone with the new Swisscom Mobile ID – without a PostFinance Card and card reader. PostFinance is the first financial institution to offer the Swisscom Mobile ID login. To use the service they need a Swisscom mobile subscription.


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Mobile ID – turning your mobile phone into a security token



Swisscom is launching the managed Mobile ID service for B2C business processes. This turns a mobile phone into a security token. «Mobile ID opens up simple options for companies, service providers and public authorities when it comes to the secure authentication of customers, partners and employees,» says Adrian Humbel, Head of Identity and Access Management at Swisscom.


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