Technology partners and integrators

Technology partners and integrators

Technology partners and integrators

Mobile ID for technology and integration partners

Swisscom Mobile ID supports integration in complete authentication solutions such as authentication gateways, web application firewalls or software-as-a-service portals. With the products and services of the Mobile ID partners, you as a service provider or enterprise can use the strong authentication of your applications easily and at low cost with Mobile ID.

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Nevis from AdNovum is a security framework for sophisticated and flexible identity and access management solutions. Nevis has been protecting renowned companies and government authorities against internal and external threats successfully and reliably for many years.

All Consulting AG implements ABACUS ERP and various industry solutions, and has sound knowledge of Mobile ID integrations. The new software generations fully support e-business processes based on standard technologies as well as digital signatures and certificates.


Clavid is an independent Swiss Internet Identity Provider and offers strong authentication and Single Sign-On as a service. The support of standard protocols such as SAML, OAuth and OpenID allows Mobile ID integration with just a few code lines.


Airlock Suite deals with the issues of filtering and authentication in one complete and coordinated solution – setting standards for usability and services. Your internet applications enjoy reliable protection with the Airlock Web Application Firewall (WAF). Features include systematic control and filtering mechanisms with a variety of enhancement options. Combine Airlock WAF with Airlock Login for reliable user authentication and authorization. But optimal security is not the only benefit: Airlock Login also delivers high usability and cost efficiency. Airlock IAM is the suite's central authentication platform, including enterprise functions. With this product, customers, partners or employees log in just once for secure access to data and applications. Airlock IAM also automates user administration. Airlock Suite, our security product, was launched on the market in 2002 and is now used by 350 customers around the globe.

iC Consult

Via its technology partner Ping, iC Consult GmbH, Switzerland, is offering a simple integration method so that mobile ID can be used with PingFederate. This allows strong user authentication, which can be used in the popular protocols (SAML, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect).

inpeek AG has the expertise, technologies and tools to create safe, efficient and user-friendly application possibilities for the web and mobile sector. The long-standing SAP® partner has already developed the necessary extensions to integrate Mobile ID in an SAP® environment.

As a modular web application firewall with reverse proxy function, the USP Secure Entry Server™ reliably protects business transactions and business applications. Mobile ID and many other authentication tools are supported ready-to-use.


Zühlke implements innovative products and bespoke software solutions with customers that can be embedded seamlessly into day-to-day business activities. Mobile ID is integrated into the platform for developing Java-based “responsive” applications.

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