For service providers

For service providers

Mobile ID for service providers and authorities

Strong authentication of customers, consumers or citizens

For many applications, strong authentication is mandatory, but is often associated with high costs. With Mobile ID, we are offering a managed authentication service with an optimum cost-to-security ratio.

Your customers and users can access your applications and portals via Mobile ID and are uniquely identified thanks to strong two-factor authentication – regardless of whether they are using the application on a PC, tablet or mobile device.

The Geo Location option provides you with additional protection for access from abroad. It allows you to simply restrict the access of Mobile ID users from unwanted countries.

Examples of strong authentication of customers, consumers or citizens

  • Login to business-to-consumer and citizen-to-government platforms
  • Login to online portals for banking, health, shopping, public sector, education, etc.
  • Login to mobile apps
  • Context-based transaction confirmation
  • Protection of electronic financial transactions
  • Protection of cloud services (e.g. software as a service)

For more information, see our Mobile ID factsheet:


Factsheet Mobile ID (PDF, 231 kB)

How you benefit

  • Users are securely authenticated (two-factor authentication)
  • Users do not require a separate device or token for this
  • Managed service at plannable costs. You only pay if your customers and users use Mobile ID
  • Optimum balance between high security, user acceptance and total operating costs
  • No costs for hardware, support, communication, tokens, logistics
  • Context information can be individually defined and tailored to the business process
  • Mobile ID can be used on a customer-independent basis for any number of applications and portals (high scalability)

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