For enterprises

Mobile ID for enterprises

Strong authentication for employees and partners

Whether behind a firewall or in the cloud, your employees and partners access a range of applications and systems every day. You use different identity and access procedures for this. In the future, you can simply use your mobile phone to log in. With Mobile ID, you can identify yourself correctly – regardless of where you are logging in from and with which device.

The Geo Location option provides you with additional protection for access from abroad. It allows you to simply restrict the access of Mobile ID users from unwanted countries.

In the managed service package, Mobile ID offers maximum security at minimum cost. As an enterprise, you benefit from an easily distributable two-factor authentication method.

Examples of strong authentication in business applications

  • Secure login for remote work stations
  • Access control for data and enterprise applications (e.g. ERP)
  • Protection of  VPN access to company network
  • Login to business-to-business and intranet portals
  • Protection of web applications and single sign-on services
  • Integration of mobile devices in CRM and ERP workflows
  • Protection of terminal services and remote desktop
  • Integration in complete solutions (e.g. authentication
    gateways and web application firewalls)

Mobile ID can be combined with any applications, as soon as they have been connected with the Mobile ID service via an integration project. Read more in our Mobile ID factsheet:


Factsheet Mobile ID (PDF, 231 kB)

Advantages for enterprises

  • Employees and partners are authenticated securely and easily (two-factor authentication)
  • Employees and partners do not need a separate device or token, just their mobile phone
  • Managed service at plannable costs. You only pay for what you use
  • Optimum balance between high security, user acceptance and total operating costs
  • No costs for hardware, support, communication

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