Requirements for users

Swisscom provides each NATEL® subscription with a Mobile ID free of charge.

Requirements for service providers

As a service provider, you must agree a  contract with Swisscom to use the interface. The necessary technical information is recorded, and your application is activated by Swisscom.

Service integration at service providers and enterprises

Ideally, you will have  one of the products, in which support for Mobile ID is already installed. In this case, the manufacturer can provide you with information about the required configuration adjustments.

If you want to access Mobile ID from another application, you should meet the following prerequisites.

  • The application should be able to send HTTPS requests to the Mobile ID service
  • Database with assignment of user/login ID to mobile number
  • Context-specific comprehensible text for display on the mobile device
  • User- or system-specific language setting
  • The Mobile ID login button must be integrated on the online portal

The Mobile ID Button

To show your customers that you offer them the option of using Mobile ID, Swisscom provides you with a Mobile ID button that you can integrate into your website. Please contact us so that we can send you the button: