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Security as a central element

Security is a central element in Mobile ID. Service providers have security requirements and therefore make demands regarding technical and organisational security. From the start, Mobile ID was designed to meet the correspondingly high security requirements.
An overview is provided below of the security requirements covered by Mobile ID, and the security features of Mobile ID.

As a service provider, you are looking for a solution that guarantees confidentiality (encrypted communication) and secure two-factor authentication (ownership of mobile device and entry of a personal Mobile ID PIN for each authentication). You rely on both the Mobile ID technology and the standardised Swisscom processes.

Furthermore, Mobile ID enables a complete check on the signature made on the user device, in addition to secure two-factor authentication. Each confirmation of a Mobile ID request on the mobile device generates a cryptographic signature with the user’s personal 2048-bit RSA key. In addition to the confirmation from Swisscom, the service provider also receives a signature of the message it sent to the user. As a result, the service provider itself can verify that the user has confirmed the correct message and can if necessary save this message as future proof (non-repudiation).