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Technical design

Technical design

Technical design

The Mobile ID system consists of the following components:

  • Mobile ID service interface at Swisscom
  • Application on the mobile phone user’s SIM card
  • Service provider’s or enterprise’s application (not part of the Mobile ID service)

Mobile ID service interface at Swisscom

The Mobile ID interface is a web service (SOAP/XML). The protocol and data structures are based on  ETSI-standard ETSI TS 102 204. Three pieces of information must be provided for each authentication so that Mobile ID can be used:

  1. Mobile number: To whom should the request be sent?
  2. Text: What should be displayed on the user’s mobile device?
  3. Language: In which language should messages be displayed?

Additional information

The document Mobile ID – SOAP Client Reference Guide and a publicly available script can be used to secure fast and simple connection to the Swisscom Mobile ID service on Unix (bash) or Windows (powershell).


To use the interface, you require a contract with Swisscom so that activation is possible. The necessary technical information is recorded during this stage.