FAQ My Swisscom Business Registration 

Who is authorised to register for My Swisscom Business?

Which information do I need as an applicant to complete the registration process?

What is the difference between an applicant and a master user?

Why does the applicant have to be entered in the register of companies?

Can I register my company, which is an association or a community, for My Swisscom Business?

Can I register for My Swisscom Business as a residential customer or small business?

Why do certain applications have to be ordered separately?

How long does it take to check the registration application?

How and to whom will the login data be communicated?

Are all applications that my company can use activated at the same time?

How is the master user informed about the activations?

How is the applicant kept up to date on the activation progress?

How can I order or remove applications later on?

Where can I register for My Swisscom Business?