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Content Delivery Networks

The Power of the Edge

Content Delivery Network & Cloud Security

A CDN is a network of geographically distributed servers with the task of providing digital content locally: fast, highly available, secure and scalable at any time.​

CDN & Cloud Security offer countless advantages​

Improving load times

By distributing content closer to website visitors, they will experience faster page loading times leading to a better user experience.

Reducing costs

Bandwidth consumption and infrastructure costs for websites and media hosting are reduced by offloading traffic to the CDN.

Increased availability

Thanks to its distributed nature, a CDN can handle more traffic and withstand hardware failure better than many origin servers.

Global reach

Business can be scaled globally without extending to data centers abroad by delivering content locally through a CDN.

Improving website security

A CDN improves security by providing DDoS mitigation, fending off malicious bots and cleaning up traffic.

Insightful analytics

Powerful insights will be provided by a CDN monitoring all traffic accessing the content. On top of this, big CDN providers leverage global user behaviour using machine learning.

Our Solution Portfolio

Web Performance

Acceleration, availability and scalability of digital contents and services – the result is an outstanding online customer experience.

Media Delivery

Smooth customer experience and immediate access to high-resolution video contents, software uploads and downloads, games, social media and other contents.

Cloud Security

Protect your digital services from targeted DDoS and hacker attacks and control how bots are handled.

Secure Access

Global and secure access for internal and external stakeholders on company applications. At the same time, the users benefit from increased performance and availability.

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