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Akamai Evaluation Program

Akamai Evaluation Program

With the Akamai Evaluation Program we offer you the opportunity to use four products of our partner Akamai - without any costs, time restrictions or tedious ordering processes!

No time limit

No hidden costs

No cumbersome ordering process

Just get started and try it out

Evaluate the following products completely free of charge and without time limit within the defined limits.

Image & Video Manager:

Improve the user experience with advanced image and video optimization and delivery.

3 million image accesses per month
1 million video seconds per month

API Gateway:

Benefit from maximum reliability and scalability by outsourcing API governance to the Edge.

1 million API accesses per month


Monitor, detect and resolve website and application performance problems in seconds with Akamai's Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution.

3 million beacons per month

Edge Redirector:

Efficiently manage and outsource high volumes of URL redirection to Akamai Edge.

50'000 redirects per month

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