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The global cloud platform for modern businesses

Cloudflare solutions offer comprehensive protection, remote access, acceleration for websites and web applications

Cloudflare secures and ensures the reliability of external-facing services such as websites, APIs and web applications as well as internal resources on-premise or based on a multi-cloud architecture. Cloudflare also serves as a basic platform for the development of globally scalable applications.

Protect your local infrastructure against global attacks with Cloudflare's Magic Transit DDoS protection

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The benefits of Cloudflare

Integrated SaaS solutions

All Cloudflare services from performance to cloud security and remote access can be used via a unified, 100% integrated SaaS platform.

Intuitive dashboard

Quickly adjust configurations across all services via an intuitive dashboard - without any code changes.

Rapid onboarding

Customers are onboarded within a few hours - also and especially in security emergencies.


Cloudflare is based on a global cloud network that spans 200 cities in more than 100 countries and can withstand even large-scale security attacks.

Rich analyses

Every data request is logged and analyzed by Cloudflare and corresponding evaluations are available to customers in real time.

Developer friendliness

Extend existing applications or create entirely new ones without having to configure or maintain infrastructure.


The Cloudflare solution portfolio

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A look at the most important services

Cloudflare for Infrastructure​

cloudflare infrastructure

Websites, APIs, and applications are considered the most important channels for conducting business with customers and suppliers.

Cloudflare for Infrastructure is a complete solution that ensures the security, performance and reliability of these resources.

Cloudflare for Teams​

cloudflare for teams

Today's enterprises are increasingly open and need dynamic protection for teams and devices.


With its global edge, Cloudflare for Teams replaces the old static security boundaries and makes working online faster and safer for teams.

Cloudflare Workers​

cloudflare workers

Cloudflare Workers enables the creation of globally scalable applications.


Using the serverless features, storage at the edge and instant static sites, applications can be built directly on the Cloudflare network.

Further information about the service

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With 14 locations worldwide Cloudflare is the leading CDN provider. Cloudflare is characterized by its wide reach, according to which its global anycast network spans over 200 cities in 100 countries and accordingly delivers the content close to the visitor. Thanks to this distinctive distribution of Internet connections, Cloudflare offers its global clientele fast and reliable content delivery.

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