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Secure Access

Secure Access

Simplify Remote Applications

Securing remote application access for employees is challenging​

Securing employee access for a mobile and global workforce is a challenge considering the rapidly growing number of enterprise applications both hosted on-premise and in the cloud. Traditional VPNs are complex to manage and expensive to scale and increase the risk of unauthorized access to data across the corporate network. A unified cloud-based application access solution can help to close security loopholes and at the same time simplify the user experience for remote access.​​

Use cases for Secure Access Solutions​

Fast & secure access​

Mobile users can access the desired business applications at any time from anywhere and with any device, avoiding high latency and packet losses.​

Reduce complexity​

Companies with complex network infrastructures are interested in simple and cost-efficient solutions to make applications accessible to users. ​

Simplify company mergers​

When merging companies, the parties involved need quick and easy implementable solutions to give their users or employees access to the systems or applications of the other company. ​

Early threat detection​

Integrated threat protection identifies, blocks and mitigates threats on user level such as malware, ransomware, phishing or data exfiltration before the damage happens.​

Simple User Management Portal​

Easily enable access to applications on different clouds or on-premises in minutes. No additional hardware or software is required.​

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