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Web Performance

Web Performance

Time is Money

The demands of a global user base are increasing​

The patience of website users is decreasing rapidly, especially on mobile devices, leading to abandoned carts and reduced customer satisfaction when faced with long website loading times. Rich content and limited network performance on the other side make it hart to optimize speed for a global audience and lead to high infrastructure costs. Web Performance solution of modern Content Delivery Networks can be a very effective solution.

Benefits of web performance solutions

Increased performance​

Delivering websites and apps through a CDN reduces loading times, increases availability and reduces infrastructure costs​.

Higher conversion rates

Faster loading times increase time spent by users and the overall conversion rate by up to 20%.

Insightful analytics​

Rich analytics allow constant monitoring and optimization​.

Image optimization

Extended features like image optimization reduce manual work and complexity​.

High scalability​

Customers can respond immediately to increased demand without having to invest in their own additional infrastructure.​

Additional services​

Benfit from additional services and upgrades like cloud security or DNS protection based on the same distributed cloud platform.

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