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JWPlayer is a high-performance video player with an integrated video asset management platform for embedding videos into websites. JWPlayer helps companies with managing and embedding video content. In addition to playback, hosting and streaming, the solutions are particularly suitable for advertising services and the monetisation of video content.


With its video player of the same name, JW Player offers a range of services in the field of video distribution and monetisation, from which you can benefit as a Swisscom customer:

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Flexible platform

The fast and powerful HTML5 video player can be used for live and on-demand streaming and supports all standard video and audio formats.



With JWPlayer, a variety of video content can be made available in high resolution on a wide range of web platforms and systems – especially on mobile devices.

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JWPlayer ensures perfect advertising and thus attracts more attention. Strategic management of (advertising) videos facilitates greater interaction with customers and improves the user experience.

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Video management

The intuitive JWPlayer Dashboard lets you manage, plan and integrate all your videos intuitively and clearly.

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Valuable analysis

Integrated analysis tools provide information on the user behaviour of the target groups. Knowing where, how often and how long the videos are viewed means the range of videos can be optimised accordingly.

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Intelligent recommendations

The JWPlayer makes video content available particularly quickly. The software does this by compressing the video data and, with the help of artificial intelligence, provides the content that users are likely to consume.

Target groups and intended use

JWPlayer is suitable for managing and distributing videos in web applications. Helpful tools and analysis options are available, especially for audience content, where the proportion of users and views needs to be increased. Companies of all sizes and from all sectors, in particular publishing, media and advertising organisations, rely on JWPlayer’s professional video management software.

Areas of application: live and on-demand videos, monetisation of video content, video management, VR applications.

Advantages of JWPlayer and Swisscom

Swisscom’s close collaboration with JWPlayer enables it to offer exclusive and individual video solutions for Swiss companies.

Your company benefits from the following:

Icon Videoplayer für alle Anwendungen

A video player for all applications

JWPlayer is a quick and streamlined video management software suitable for a variety of purposes, both live and on demand.

Icon Vor-Ort-Service

On-site service

Swisscom is your sole point of contact. Consulting and support is provided in Switzerland.

Icon Mehr Views

More views

JWPlayer gives users video suggestions with the help of artificial intelligence. This automated service ensures up to 45% more playback and shorter loading times.

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Der JWPlayer ist kompatibel mit den meisten Netzwerk-Technologien und Werbevideo-Anbietern und kann deshalb universell eingesetzt werden.

Icon Umfassende Analyse

Comprehensive analysis

Thanks to the intuitive dashboard, content can be managed and user behaviour can easily be analysed using intelligent tools.

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The video player works with HTML5 and flash, is optimised for mobile devices and can be adapted for various web platforms via CSS.


JWPlayer Logo

About JW Player

JW Player – named after founder and developer Jeroen Wijering – was founded in 2008. The company launched the first open-source solution for video playback on websites. JW Player makes

it easy to integrate videos into web applications, with both Flash and HTML5. YouTube also initially used JW Player. Today, customers from 193 countries rely on the video management system’s services.

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