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Hive Streaming

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Superior video quality without additional hardware or bandwidth

Most of the bandwidth needed for live videos within the corporate network can be freed up using P2P technology. Software-based clients and innovative WebRTC technologies in modern browsers turn your employees’ PCs into intelligent HTTP proxies between the server and the video player.

Optimum video quality

HTTPS-based high-definition (HD) video streaming.

Maximum security

Secure software for end devices and encrypted video distribution.

More users

Data traffic to the source reduced by up to 99%.

Easy set-up

No additional hardware. Easy to integrate into existing video management systems.

Comprehensive analytics

Comprehensive event statistics and analysis of the entire deployment infrastructure in real time.

Intuitive interface

Video events and company network architecture visualised via an intuitive user interface.

Hive Streaming for Microsoft 365

Hive Streaming allows you to optimise the deployment of live and on-demand videos for Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, Yammer Live Events, Skype Meeting Broadcast and Microsoft 365 Video.

How it works:

An invisible Hive Streaming agent is installed on end-user devices, or – if you want to avoid installing additional software – you can opt for new WebRTC browser technology. The device then acts as a transparent HTTP proxy between the streaming server and the video player.


The Hive agent is easy to deploy via SCCM or any other software configuration management platform. The IT administrator then activates peering for the Microsoft applications used to stream video in the company, with no other integration required.

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From that point on, all broadcasts, webcasts and video-on-demand assets run through the application are automatically Hive-enabled, with the burden on the company’s internal network minimised accordingly. This reduces internet traffic by up to 99%. So in a best-case scenario, only one client in a subnet of 100 end-user devices will receive the video stream.

Hive Streaming

The Swedish service provider Hive Streaming has set itself the goal of solving the challenges which companies face when distributing large files. For this purpose, the company relies on a pool of leading experts for video technologies and corporate networks.


Hive streaming solves the challenge of delivering high-quality live and on-demand video to employees' devices, enabling companies to improve their employees' commitment to video communications.

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