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Hive for Microsoft 365 | 6-Month Trial Offering

Is your business running corporate live events with Microsoft Teams, Stream or Yammer?

Hive for Microsoft 365 enables enterprises to fully leverage their existing networks and investments in video communications.

Most of the bandwidth needed for live videos within the corporate network can be freed up using P2P technology. Software-based clients and innovative WebRTC technologies in modern browsers turn your employees’ PCs into intelligent HTTP proxies between the server and the video player.


Hive for Microsoft 365

When you have something worth showing.

Take advantage of our 6-month, all-inclusive,
CHF 29,000 trial offering!

Developed for enterprises that run large company wide employee live events such as CEO All Hands, Town Hall Meetings and Quarterly Updates using Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams or Yammer in Microsoft 365.

Is your network ready for running live events? Let us show you how you can enhance your Microsoft Teams, Stream and Yammer live events with Hive for Microsoft 365.

Put us to the test!

Try out our special 6-month trial offering!

Full implementation of Hive for Microsoft 365 for Microsoft Streams, Teams or Yammer live events and video-on-demand productions

Free of cost proof of concept and network assessment prior to 6- month trial period

Live events get-started-assistance

No hardware needed

Unlimited number of events and devices supported

Access to Hive Insights for Microsoft 365 for post event analysis of network and video performance by country, site and individual viewer

Price: CHF 29,000
Availability: Offer available until December 31, 2019

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Why Hive Streaming?

Hive Streaming provides software-based video distribution solutions for enterprises who embrace video communications. We enable organizations to improve employee engagement with video communications. We solve the challenge of delivering high quality live and on-demand video to employees’ devices.

Hive traces its origins to the Swedish Institute for Computer Science and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm back in 2007. We maintain close links to the academic world and are an active participant in several European research projects. The company is privately funded and is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but has sales and support offices in Germany, United Kingdom, South America, and in the USA.