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Kollective Technology

eCDN Webcasting Solution

Kollective Technology

Demand Video with Browser-Based Peering

Instantly Scale Live & On-Demand Video with Browser-Based Peering

Exceed your employees’ expectations for high-quality video with Kollective Browser-Based Peering. Our enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) uses WebRTC technology to securely scale live and on-demand video behind the corporate firewall. Whether your personnel are working in the office, at home or remotely, we make it easy to quickly understand your network’s ability to serve live video – no hardware to buy or software to download.


The only WebRTC solution that lets you sign up, choose your integration and try it immediately – for FREE.


Smart peering algorithms tune to your network, delivering the network intelligence you need – no agent required.


From out-of-the-box configurations to advanced bitrate and playback controls, Kollective puts the power of peering in your hands.


Instantly see your aggregate performance metrics or dig into the data down to a single node or endpoint.


Secure by Design: Architected using standard web-based protocols with all data transfers encrypted and signed.


Deliver high-quality video while achieving the greatest peering efficiency and bandwidth savings – up to 99%.

Make Smart Decisions Fast

Kollective IQ, our intuitively designed analytics dashboard, makes it easy to find and consume the data that is most relevant to your role. Whether you are an event producer, communications manager or network administrator, we’ve designed a workflow that simplifies data exploration so you can make intelligent decisions, fast.

Easy Data Mining & Exploration

All data collected by the system and end users is yours to mine and explore.

Personal-Based Workflows

We’ve simplified event performance monitoring and network analysis.

Custom Visualizations & Dashboards

Choose which data sets to highlight and then save reports to your own personal workspace or share within the organization.

Ship Your Data Anywhere, Anytime

We’re breaking down silos – send your data anywhere, in any format.

A single solution with many applications

Threshold-based alerting and automated reporting make it easier than ever to track progress against your goals.


Kollective Technology  is a leading enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) provider. Its cloud-native enterprise peering platform leverages existing network infrastructure to offset bandwidth constraints and deliver live events, video on demand and software via SCCM. Hundreds of Global 2000 customers trust Kollective to securely scale content delivery to the edge of their networks.

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