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Video Delivery and Optimization

Ramp Universal eCDN

Superior Video Streaming Quality Across the NetworkSuperior Video Streaming Quality Across the Network

Superior Video Streaming Quality Across the Network

One unified license, with all three eCDN technologies. Ramp’s Universal eCDN helps you securely deliver live and video on-demand in the highest quality, with bandwidth savings of up to 99.9%. Video can impact communication and the productivity of your workforce. Make sure your employees have a seamless video streaming experience every time.

Alternative to expensive network upgrades

Choose efficient, software-based solutions that run on your existing infrastructure.

Compliance with the highest security standards

Ramp eCDN manages video distribution at the network layer to ensure compliance with your corporate security guidelines while also offering protection against viruses and other security risks.

Optimum video quality

Bringing the video source closer to the viewer dramatically improves playback performance and ensures a smooth, reliable viewing experience.

Cache management made easy

The Ramp Altimeter management console makes it easy to deploy and configure all of your Ramp eCDN instances via a user-friendly, web-based interface.

A single solution with many applications

Ramp eCDN can be used simultaneously with all of your streaming platforms, so it’s the only distribution infrastructure you’ll need.

Scalable and future-proof

The ability to scale easily is a significant factor in the viability of an enterprise solution. Ramp eCDN is deployed as a mesh so additional caches can be added to the network at any time.

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Based in the USA, Ramp’s enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) delivers secure, high-quality video experiences while reducing network congestion created by live and on-demand video. Ramp offers the most complete and 

flexible eCDN in theindustry. Choose any combination of solutions to deploybehind your firewall and/or in the cloud to reach everyviewer on your network.

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