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eCDN webcasting solution


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Making enterprise webcasting secure, scalable, and simple

Deliver high-quality webcasts and live streaming events without facing any technical issues: StriveCast offers 100% WebRTC based Peer-To-Peer eCDN solutions that ensure high-quality video streaming at minimum bandwidth requirements. StriveCast’s technology makes reliable live streaming events with unlimited scalability possible – deployed either on-premise or via cloud solution.

Reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 95%

StriveCast builds a delivery network between devices streaming your video content. These can now share their data, saving a lot of bandwidth and increasing network reliability.

GDPR & DRM conformity

Being based in Europe, StriveCast’s technology is fully compliant with EU law, including GDPR and DRM policies.

Real-time video analytics

StriveCast Analytics provides real-time user statistics that enable you to see the performance of your streaming event while it's happening!

Ready to use

Add only a single line of code to your project. There is no need for infrastructure changes or complicated integration processes.

Flexible deployment

Host it in the cloud or on-premises: StriveCast runs in the cloud or within your private network to ensure maximum data privacy.

Unlimited scalability

The more users join your stream, the better. If new users are joining, new clusters are created, ensuring unlimited network scalability.

Need technical support for setting up a single digital event?

In case you just need the possibility to host a large webcasting event like a company townhall or a digital streaming event once, StriveCast offers a flexible pay-per-event business model. You are able to leverage the power of eCDN for any single event, without any long-term commitment – making enterprise streaming possible for everyone.


StriveCast is the client-less eCDN that solves enterprise video delivery. The technology requires no local software installation and works inside any Enterprise Video Platform. It reduces bandwidth requirements for internal webcasting by up to 95%.

To combine maximum security and scalability, StriveCast offers a cloud and on-premise solution for full control and data privacy. On top of that, StriveCast offers real-time video analytics for high-end user insights and video KPIs.

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