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Live Voting

Engage your audience and get immediate feedback.

Interact with your audience: with the live voting tool Polleverywhere, you get immediate opinions and votes from your audience. Get your audience involved with your event and add dynamism – and fun – to your presentation. Adds immediate and sustainable value to your event.


Get your audience’s attention through interaction


Give your audience a voice Capture and present analysis in a flash


Efficient communication of opinions, expertise and votes


No downloads and no additional hardware Participation occurs via the web app

Live voting – interaction that gets results

Polleverywhere can be customised for each individual event and deployed anywhere, whether as a knowledge quiz, for voting or to get an audience’s opinions. Instant feedback via the web app’s various voting and comment options lets you keep your guests informed in real time and inspires them to actively help shape the event. 
Individual configuration and customisation options improve the experience for participants. Interactive events have never been easier!

Multiple- &
Single Choice


Comment Wall

Interactive Q&A



Live demo

We would be happy to demonstrate the possibilities of the live voting tool in an online live demo.

Engage your event participants.