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Mobile Live Production

Simple and cost-effective video production

Video mixing in the cloud with LTE 4G/5G

Cost saving

Benefit from up to 30% lower production costs thanks to easy setup, reduced equipment expense and no need for satellite airtime costs.


Concentrate on content and not on technology or logistics – this comprehensive solution includes camera, media management and publication to get you “on air” quickly.


Simplify your production – film and broadcast irrespective of your location and without any media disruptions via mobile networks and the cloud.

Simple and cost-effective video production thanks to Mobile Live Production.

In the past, producing videos or reporting on events live required complex infrastructures, satellite access, local studios with a control room and a film crew. Now, with Mobile Live Production (MLP), you can reach global target groups live more easily and cost effectively than ever before. MLP replaces satellite transmission with LTE 4G/5G and allows video mixing in the cloud. This means you can create professional-quality productions without complex and expensive infrastructure facilities.


With our USB dongles and additional SIM cards, you can transmit videos directly from your camera via the latest Swisscom 4G network and broadcast these live. And you can even do this from several transmission locations at the same time. You can control up to 6 cameras, add logos or personal clips, edit data and load recordings into the cloud from a single web browser. Films can be broadcast on the desired channel (web, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TV) in next to no time.


Swisscom supports you in all aspects – from service to security to production equipment. Use Mobile Live Production and benefit from innovative handling and extremely reduced time to market.

Enjoy new freedom in video production without having to worry about technical obstacles

Live Streaming premiere at the Locarno film festival

At the film festival in Locarno, Swisscom, together with Sony, implemented a unique live streaming solution and a seamless production workflow allowing the festival to also reach an online audience.


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