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Event Management

Event Management

Save time by easily and efficiently managing participants and events with event websites.

A better event experience - for you and your participants

Starting with the simple setting up of an event, continuing with the straightforward registration of the participants and ending with smooth event access. Zoon helps you along the event experience chain with an integrated event management process.


Event Websites

Easy and fast creation of multilingual (DE, EN, FR, IT) event websites to present the event in the best light.


Private & Public Events

Public or restricted access to event website with private access code and pre-entered visitor data.

Event Campaigns

Send invitations, reminders or specific event information directly from Zoon to automatic participant groups according to booking status.

Easy Data Import & Export

Import your guest list as Excel or CSV file directly into Zoon. Export booking data back into your customer management system.



Define contingents for the entire event, individual sessions within the event or limit the number of booking options per participant.


E-Ticket and Calendar File

Generate the corresponding e-ticket for event access for each booking and activate calendar entries with the booking confirmation.

Event Access

The first impression counts! With our check-in app or automatic badge print gates, waiting times at the entrance are a thing of the past. You also gain important information about who attended the event at what time.


Badge & label printing

Automatic printing of badges or labels upon arrival with personal name and individual event information

On- and Offline Function

Just in case - the event access app has an offline function that guarantees event access even in case of a network failure.

Information in real time

Keep track of the arrived guests at the event at all times and check no-show rates in real time.

Use Cases