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Zoon – Digital Live Communication

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Easy event organisation and memorable experiences for your visitors and employees

Digitalise your event organisation. This not only increases efficiency, it also creates memorable experiences for your customers and employees. From microevents to large, complex events – Zoon, the comprehensive platform for digital live communication offers you reliable support. Digitalised event processes, efficient management of ticket allocations and community-building through activities and courses.

Platform modules

Event Management

Manage participants and events efficiently and digitally.

Ticket Management

Manage ticket allocations centrally for employees and key account managers.

Enterprise Community

Increase workplace motivation with joint activities.

Zoon enterprise all-in-one solution

Choose the next generation of modular software. Simplify your processes for event, sponsorship, communication and HR departments using digitalisation. Data security is our top priority – from the permanent optimisation of security standards through to operating the solution in a highly reliable Swisscom data centre.


Simple interface with user guidance


High security standards and compliance with Swiss data protection laws


Data stored in Swisscom datacentre


Combination of modular functions, open interfaces

The Event Management module helps you make your events more efficient and measure their success. At the same time, it ensures a straightforward digital event experience for your visitors. Events, both internal and external, can be set up individually.

Key functions  – Event Management

Fully responsive event landing pages for all common browsers and mobile devices

CI/CD compliant

Support for multilingualism (DE, FR, IT, EN)

Option to hold subevents and event series

Registration via public or private access

Waitlist function

Event access solution (mobile app/access gates)

The Ticket Management module helps you manage ticket allocations for events. Via the corresponding portal, tickets can be offered for employees, key account managers and customers. The intelligent booking process also helps you automate internal accounting functions.

Key functions  – Ticket Management

Event ticket portal with categorised event library

Support for multilingualism (DE, FR, IT, EN)

Individual permissions for employees and key account managers

Booking process with reservation function

Optional compliance integration

Payment Integration (Six Saferpay)

The Enterprise Community module brings employees together for a wide variety of activities. It can help with staff sports events, for example, or with offering internal training courses. Thanks to the automated marketplace, companies can increase their efficiency and thereby reduce their costs considerably.

Key functions  – Enterprise Community

Fully responsive portal with activity or event library

Support for multilingualism (DE, FR, IT, EN)

News function

Generic search by category, date and place

Automated event entry/application for end users

Overview of participants, waitlist function

User profile with overview of own events, own profile picture, language choice


We offer a free workshop on the topic of event & guest management and enterprise community.
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