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LED Live Advertising

Harness sporting emotions for successful event marketing.

Benefit from moments of heightened emotion! With our LED perimeter systems, you can improve your event marketing and bring your customers or brand to the heart of the action actively, flexibly and effectively.
LED Live Advertising offers you a lucrative opportunity to capitalise on the attention of every viewer. The use of digital content means that there are no limits to your creativity and flexibility.


Increased attention

4x more attention with animated content

Top quality

With 10 x 10 mm pixel pitch, we emphasise superior picture quality

Security through redundancy

Our systems provide redundancy and are prepared for potential failures

Digital flexibility

Our flexible content management system offers you endless possibilities to use your digital content for an emotional brand experience

Worry-free full-service offer

Our comprehensive solution can also help you to achieve more marketing success in accordance with your needs and requirements. As a holistic provider of LED Live Advertising solutions, we support you from infrastructure right through to content production.
Our specialists will help you to create new sources of revenue for your events or to emotionally activate your brand.

Our solutions at a glance


LED Premium


LED Advanced


LED Basic


LED perimeter system (10 x 10 mm pixel pitch)
Content management system
Media server
System redundancy
Advert cancellation insurance
Display statistics
Virtual advertising readiness

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