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November 2017

The Swisscom Christmas Truck is on the move

Swisscom Christmas Trucks are on the move again this year, travelling through Switzerland between 22 November and 23 December with a mobile shop full of unique offers and gift ideas. Just like last year, we’re providing three trucks fitted with a shop interior and LED strips and supplying them with logistics and internet services.

Visit the official website here.




August 2016

Gstaad Menuhin Festival wird digital

November 2017

Inspiration on the first national Digital Day

21 November is the first Swiss Digital Day, featuring more than 40 partner organisations and 80 events across the country. The organisation committee tasked us with the technical project management of the main sites. We are also streaming live from Zurich main station. The day offers young and old alike an entertaining insight into the latest digital trends, such as 3D printing and virtual reality.
Visit the official website here



August 2016

Openair St. Gallen

August 2017

360° Street Parade live stream

This year, the Street Parade will once again bring hundreds of thousands of party people to Zurich – and this time, we’re right at the heart of the action. We’re producing a 360° live stream from Bürkliplatz for TeleZüri, meaning that you can be a part of one of the biggest parties in Switzerland via the web or the TeleZüri app.


Gstaad Menuhin Festival wird digital

July 2017

Classical music meets new media: Swisscom Event & Media Solutions digitalises the Gstaad Menuhin Festival

The renowned, tradition-steeped Gstaad Menuhin Festival is taking a major step into the digital world, making live streams, recordings and background information available to classical music fans across the whole world via its new ‘Gstaad Digital Festival’ video platform. We developed the comprehensive video portal in collaboration with the Berlin-based digital agency Neofonie.

You can find the press release here.

Cashless am Openair St.Gallen

Juin 2017

Cashless payment at OpenAir St.Gallen

Following two successful years of cashless payment and access control systems at OpenAir St.Gallen, festival-goers will once again be able to pay without cash this year. Intellitix’s tried-and-tested solution, which has already been used at major international events such as Tomorrowland in Belgium, will team up with Swisscom Event & Media Solutions to ensure secure, reliable and efficient transactions for the more than 100,000 visitors expected at the festival this year.

May 2017

Latest generation of LED banners for the Raiffeisen Super League

The latest LED banner technology will be used in Swiss football stadiums as of the 2017/18 football season. In addition to improved picture quality, the banners also include the virtual banner ad standard from VirtualAds.
This technology will revolutionise the advertising market for football broadcasts in the next few years, as different ads can be displayed in the stadium and in TV broadcasts during games. Viewers at home can be shown something different to fans in the stadium; the advertising displayed can even vary between someone watching on TV in Basel and someone in Lucerne.

May 2017

Our experts at the World VR Forum 2017

From 11 – 14 May, the World VR Forum will take place for the second time in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. It will focus on three areas: the marketplace will showcase technologies and content from the fields of virtual and augmented reality; the exhibition will include a variety of creations that play with VR and help guests to familiarise themselves with it; and the conference will host three days of discussions about the latest trends.

Our VR experts Samuel Hefti and Stefan Rupp will each be giving a presentation. Click here to go to the programme.


May 2017

XAVER Award 2017 has a new app

Today, digital media plays an important role in live communication. In recognition of this trend, the XAVER Award is focusing on cross-media communication and is launching an event app for the first time. The organiser, Expo-Event.Live Communication Verband Schweiz, wants to boost interaction with the target audience before the event begins. The XAVER app has been developed in collaboration with Swisscom Event & Media Solutions.

April 2017

Red Bull ‘Gondeli’ concerts live-streamed on the 4G mobile network

The latest Red Bull event in Switzerland is a masterpiece of organisation and network technology: on 15 April, six famous Swiss musicians put on simultaneous performances in six separate gondola cars high above the ground at three different ski areas. We broadcast the six concerts live on Facebook and various news portals. These included a 360° live stream of Seven’s concert at Titlis for Three compact cameras were installed in each gondola cabin and the uninterrupted recordings were broadcast live on the 4G network using six SIM cards – all organised by Swisscom.

The video recordings can be found here

March 2017

Health Trend Days Lucerne – supported by the live voting tool

This year, together with Swisscom Health, Swisscom once again had the privilege of helping out with the live voting tool at Trendtagen Gesundheit Luzern (Health Trend Days Lucerne). The conference attracts 600 visitors each year to discuss the latest trends in healthcare. The attendees used our tool to take part in the panel discussions, submitting responses to questions and votes on the various presentations.

March 2017

Live voting used at the Zimmerberg-Sihltal education conference

Under the motto ‘Where are our schools taking us?’, Standortförderung Zimmerberg-Sihltal organised its seventh education conference at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. This year, it was attended by around 200 participants, and we had the privilege of being part of it. Our live voting tool made a contribution to the interesting presentations on Lehrplan 21 (a standard school curriculum used across a number of cantons) by allowing attendees to participate interactively in the presentations and panel discussions.

January 2017

Our cashless payment solution at Openair Etziken!

The 21st Openair Etziken festival will take the stage in the Canton of Solothurn at the end of July 2017. The growing festival now has more than 9,000 attendees and uses Swisscom Event & Media Solutions and Intellitix’s cashless payment and access control solutions.

The press release can be found here (in german)

January 2017

New ticketing system for BallyHouse

Guests gathered at the historical BallyHouse in Schönenwerd for a delicious dinner in a stylish atmosphere at the 2016 New Year’s Gala. Ticket sales were carried out exclusively via the Reservix ticketing system implemented by Swisscom Event & Media Solutions.

Martin Lüscher, manager of BallyHouse: ‘The ticketing system worked brilliantly. Thanks to the outstanding support, the ticketing software could be set up and advance sales begun within a few days. The reservations presented no problems and we were able to admit guests to the event quickly and smoothly using the mobile-based ticket scanning system. The ticketing system is quick, easy to use and well-designed. We’re very satisfied with it and would be happy to recommend it to others.’

January 2017

Swisscom Event & Media Solutions connects world ski championships in St. Moritz

The FIS World Ski Championships take place in St. Moritz on 6 February 2017, and we’re connecting the entire site to ensure that measurements and live broadcasts of the downhill events run as smoothly as possible. We’re laying 126 km of optical fibre cable and 360 km of copper cable in order to create a reliable world championship command centre.

We’ve also developed an app to provide fans with interactive functions and real-time information about events.

SRF trusts our reliable signal transmission to ensure that the championships reach ski fans all around the world

December 2016

Swisscom further deepens collaboration with the World Economic Forum

Preparations for the biggest economic conference in Europe, held from 17–20 January 2017 in Davos, are well underway. Once again, our team is engaged in setting up a secure, high-capacity communications infrastructure for the WEF, hotels and external sites. Swisscom has once again expanded its range of services this year in order to guarantee even greater coverage, efficiency and security in the field of ICT. 

December 2016

Follow the Swiss Web Video Prize live online

In Germany, the Web Video Prize is already an established event on the internet scene. Every year, a jury recognises exceptional internet videos, and has already helped several budding filmmakers to make their breakthrough.

On 10 December, the event will take place for the first time in Switzerland – Swisscom Event & Media Solutions will be there and broadcast a reliable livestream. If you can’t be there in the flesh, our six cameras will convey the atmosphere straight to your living room. The live stream will be hosted on our servers and accessible over various online channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

November 2016

The Swisscom Christmas Truck is on the move

Swisscom Christmas Trucks are on the move again this year, winding their way through Switzerland between 22 November and 24 December with a mobile shop full of top offers and gift ideas. We provide three trucks fitted with a shop interior and LED strips and supply them with logistics and internet services.

Visit a Swisscom Christmas Truck near you!

November 2016

How video communication will replace text in future corporate communications

On 17 November, the Swisscom Digital Media Breakfast took place for the first time on the Swisscom Business Campus, where IT and marketing representatives met to discuss the growing importance of video communication.

Speakers such as Olivier Kofler from PwC Digital, HIVE Streaming’s Björn Adamski, Uwe Schnepf from Swisscom Event & Media Solutions’ partner movingimage and Andreas Schrag of Notch Interactive offered interesting insights into various aspects of the production and marketing of moving image messages.

Click here for the highlights video

November 2016

Webcast: ‘Online sport channels – the new power of brands and federations’ Discussion from the SPORT.FORUM at the KKL Culture and Convention Centre, Lucerne, Switzerland

Were you unable to participate in the Sport.Forum and missed the live streaming of the panel discussion?

No problem! You can watch the webcast at your leisure in the office or at home: Click here now

October 2016

125 years of ABB in Switzerland

In October, we sprung into action in numerous locations for ABB Switzerland. The company celebrated its 125th anniversary in Wettingen. Since the celebration site did not have an internet connection, we set up a WLAN network via directional radio.

For ABB’s Capital Market Days in Hotel Radisson Blu, we provided live webcasts along with our internet services.

And we were responsible for live transmission of the ABB Technology Forum event at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Rüschlikon. We set up dedicated internet connections for streaming and a separate event WLAN on two floors for the guests, as part of our one-stop services.

October 2016

Our events on moving image communication

The use of video in corporate communications is evolving rapidly. The list of advantages is long, but there are challenges to be met too.

Our new enterprise video platform can fulfil all your video communication requirements. Through regular events and webinars, we want to create an understanding and find and implement the best solution for you.

Participate in our events and get in touch with experts in moving image communication.


Registration for the next event:

Swisscom Digital Media Webinar | 1 November 2016 – 11 am (in English)

Exclusive live webcast from the Sport.Forum, Lucerne | 9 November 2016 – 12 noon

Swisscom Digital Media Breakfast | 17 November 2016 – 8.30 am (in English)

October 2016

We are a forum partner in the SPORT.FORUM.SCHWEIZ

Officials, marketing experts and top athletes will come together for the biggest sports business convention in Switzerland on 9 and 10 November at the KKL Culture and Convention Centre, Lucerne, Switzerland.What challenges does digital transformation bring to an event steeped in tradition such as the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Sports Festival (Eidg. Schwing- und Älplerfest)?

What strategies are brands and federations developing to distribute their content via their online media channels? Who is exploiting the virtual reality experience? What opportunities does this present for sporting events? Our speakers will be answering these and other questions in our LIVE.COMMUNICATION.DIGITAL forum on 9 November 2016. With Peter Schwaar (Estavayer2016), Christoph Roost (FIFA), Patrik Rosenberg (SAMSUNG) and Martin Richi (Zaak).You can find more details about the LIVE.COMMUNICATION.DIGITAL.FORUM programme on page 11.

We look forward to your visit!

Click here to go to the programme.


September 2016

New broadcasting solution for faster, smarter and more efficient production processes

Together with Sony, we provided LTE/4G sticks for the cameras of the film crew at this year's Film Festival Locarno. This enabled the crew to record the unique atmosphere of the festival without being restricted by SDI cables and to livestream the footage via Swisscom's mobile network. A customised IP-based production technology makes it possible to manage the video production via a web application. Swisscom and Sony have entered into a strategic partnership to jointly develop innovative live production processes for the broadcasting industry.

Find out more in our report from backstage at the Film Festival Locarno.

September 2016

HoloLens and VR Group Zurich visit Swisscom Event & Media Solutions

The VR Group Zurich, which counts top-class representatives from Google, ETH and EPFL among its members, celebrated its one-year anniversary last Tuesday in our showroom at Binzstrasse 7 in Zurich.

Samuel Hefti, our VR 360 pioneer, and John Rice, Creative Director at Swisscom Switzerland, accompanied AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) developers and V360 producers through showcases featuring entertainment, sport, enterprise and research. They offered in-depth insights into augmented reality case studies for HoloLens. Thomas Rajman, Head of Digital Media, is certain that: “Augmented reality is the next chapter of industrial evolution.”

September 2016

Energy Air – live virtual reality streaming

Since broadcasting the first live virtual reality-streaming concert in May 2016, we have continued to develop the technology. At this year’s NRJ Air at Stade de Suisse, we made it possible to select different positions with virtual reality glasses for the first time. This meant that visitors could not only immerse themselves in the live stage, but also catch an exclusive glimpse of the action behind the scenes. Thanks to the 360° view, they were able to select their viewing angle. At the same time, we broadcast a live 360° video on the Radio Energy website, made possible by a powerful internet connection and the high-end virtual reality glasses (HTC Vive), which allow the menu to be operated with a hand controller.

Learn more about our services in the field of virtual reality here.

August 2016

We are the technical general contractor at Estavayer 2016

The organisation of the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Estavayer is almost complete. Giant LED screens have been set up and the last tests have been carried out to ensure the event launches without a hitch on Friday. To guarantee a stable network for the many visitors during the event, we have provided public wifi and mobile signal amplifiers across the festival grounds. We are responsible for the video direction of the large screens on stage in the public screening area. Our 360° live-stream cameras in the middle of the wrestling rings ensure a full view of the action. Visitors can see the matches up close with the virtual reality glasses and our Estavayer 2016 app provides fans with a guide to the matches, participants, groups, results, scores and current standings – all comfortably accessible via smartphone.

We’re also active backstage: we installed wifi for the offices of the organisational committee on the grounds and a radio system for simplified communication between the committee and staff. We are also responsible for accreditation.

Download the Estavayer 2016 app from your app store now.

August 2016

Lecture at the SuisseEMEX 2016 LiveCom Forum

We are present again this year at the largest Swiss marketing and event expo. The motto this year is Meet the Future. Marc Blindenbacher, our Business Development Manager, will explain how digital transformation will inevitably shape the events of the future in his lecture ‘Three reasons why digitalisation is changing the event industry’ on 31 August. He will also be taking part in the panel discussion on the topic of digital transformation in live communication on 30 August. And if you still have questions, feel free to visit us at our booth at the EventLab in Hall 4. We look forward to welcoming you!

August 2016

Cashless payment & access control at SummerDays festival

Visitors pay cashless again at this year’s SummerDays festival in Arbon. For three consecutive years, the festival organisers have relied on the cashless payment solution from Swisscom Event & Media Solutions and our partner Intellitix. This year, the digital user journey was further enhanced by our access solution. Through integration of ticketing in the Access Control System, the 21,000 visitors were able to recharge their festival account before the event using the barcode on their ticket. The combination of cashless payment and access control also provided additional security, as more information was collected about capacity and long queues were avoided.

July 2016

Groundbreaking live streaming solution at the Locarno Film Festival

The unique and moving atmosphere at this year's Locarno Film Festival will be streamed live online and captured by a film crew with wireless cameras. This gives them freedom of movement which can be directed from a laptop. We have set up a powerful network to ensure seamless image transmission. In collaboration with Sony, a unique live streaming solution with a streamlined production workflow was implemented to open up the festival to an online audience.

And to ensure we can relive the best moments of the event, we are also producing a video of festival highlights.

July 2016

Tour de France in Bern

On Monday, 18 July, the Tour de France arrived in Bern. Two days later, the next stage started from the Swiss capital, touring through the Bernese Oberland, to Valais and back to France. To enable radio and television broadcasting of the event, we installed fibre optic and DSL lines at various locations. A large-scale bike festival took place at Bundesplatz at the same time, where visitors could also follow the tour stages live. We worked with sponsors to set up public screenings and were responsible for the video projections on an LED wall, construction management and film screenings.

July 2016

Züri Fäscht 2016

Around 2 million visitors are expected to attend the Züri Fäscht festival. The organisers therefore need a reliable and secure communications infrastructure, which is why they chose Swisscom for the provision and coordination of over 50 temporary telephone and internet lines installed around the entire Lake Zurich area, central Zurich and Bürkliplatz. These will be used by the Züri Fäscht organising committee to connect medical services, music systems, visitor information monitors and more. In addition, temporary telephone and internet lines for SRG and other radio and television stations will be installed to guarantee the transmission of audio and video recordings to their studios.


June 2016

Virtual reality for live events at breakfast

The Expo-Event.Live Communication Association Switzerland holds regular breakfast clubs for members and other interested parties with exciting expert presentations on topics concerning the live communication industry.

At this year’s OneFM Star Night, we streamed a virtual reality concert live for the first time to create an innovative and exclusive experience for the audience. Marc Blindenbacher and Samuel Hefti from Swisscom will be at the next breakfast club on 13 July 2016 at Messehalle in Zurich; they will report on their initial experiences with this project and show the range of possibilities in the development of virtual reality live events. The venue will also be special – sign up today for the surprise! We look forward to welcoming you.

You can register here

June 2016

Cashless at Openair St. Gallen

Visitors can pay cashless at Openair St. Gallen from 30 June to 3 July 2016 with our cashless payment and access control system from Intellitix. Openair St. Gallen has been a sell-out event for many years and attracts more than 110,000 visitors to Sittertobel each year. Reliability is crucial for an event of this magnitude, which is why we rely on the market-tested system from our exclusive partner Intellitix, used at major international events such as Tomorrowland in Belgium and the Coachella Festival in the US, with about 100,000 unique visitors per day.

Find all the details here!

May 2016

Gottardo 2016 – ICT infrastructure and power supply

The light at the end: on 1 June 2016, the longest railway tunnel in the world was opened. SRG broadcast this historic moment in a special programme that involved great effort on all sides. Swisscom supported the production team on-site with a fibre connection for the live broadcast from the train at 160 km/h. This pushed the mobile communications installation in the tunnel to its performance limits.

As the technical agency responsible for all ICT infrastructure and the direct power supply for the Rynächt and Pollegio event spaces, we designed an optimal solution for the project as a whole. From the smooth streaming of various live streams to equipment and connection of six of the largest railway stations in Switzerland to a central director in Olten, we enabled the interaction between the various venues on LED screens.

May 2016

Successful start in ticketing at the International Cooking Summit ChefAlps

The fifth International Cooking Summit ChefAlps was held on 22 and 23 May 2016 and attracted 1,300 visitors, who came to see exciting stage shows by international chefs. We were in charge of producing and directing live recordings of 18 cooking shows, which were broadcast on a big screen. In addition, our web-based ticketing application was responsible for online ticket sales, ticket counter sales, guest accreditation and on-site admission checks. The simple and easy ticket ordering process and customer-friendly access systems ensured that visitors had a positive experience even before the event. The event organiser benefited in particular from the extensive reporting capabilities at all phases of the event, as well as comprehensive availability of all customer data.

May 2016

First concert in Switzerland with live virtual reality streaming

Swisscom Event & Media Solutions is broadcasting a live virtual reality concert for the first time. As part of the One FM Star Night in Geneva, the audience can get right up on stage with virtual reality glasses and choose the view for themselves. They will be closer to the artists than ever before, experiencing the concert from an exclusive perspective made possible by this technology.

Go to press release

More about 360° Virtual Reality Live

April 2016

Live video streaming from 3,200 metres above sea level

Witness the Patrouille des Glaciers live and up close, thanks to our live stream from an altitude of 3,200 metres. From the Couloir de la Rosablanche, we will broadcast live directly via the Swisscom Patrouille des Glaciers app, the PDG streaming website and public TV in the target area. We supplied the LED screen for the public screening and are responsible for the audio and video direction in the Verbier target area.


Click here for the live stream

April 2016

New services: ticketing and guest management

Swisscom Event & Media Solutions boost our event data services with complete ticketing and guest management solutions that enable centralised and independent data management. Event organisers now have a new range of options in all phases of event planning thanks to collaborations with leading system providers. Data remains with the event organiser, who can decide how it is used with regard to form, scheduling and content.

More information:


Guest Management

Press release


March 2016

Overall project management at the finals of the

World Ski Championship in St Moritz

Swisscom Event & Media Solutions Ltd is in charge of the overall project management for the World Ski Championship finals. In addition to the ICT infrastructure for sponsors and media professionals, we are responsible for the conceptualisation and implementation of the fans’ TV channel, which entertains viewers in the goal area on a large LED screen.

For the first time, we are using our St Moritz Finals app, which has been developed specifically for the event. As one of many functions, it allows visitors to participate in the FANtastic Swisscom lottery.

Those who cannot currently enjoy the glorious St Moritz weather on location, however, get to look at the slope from a completely new angle. Our 360° virtual-reality video lets you experience the run first-hand. The video is best viewed on a smartphone.

Proceed to the slope here.

March 2016

Our visit to Baselworld for TAG Heuer and Hublot

We visited Baselworld for two of our customers, TAG Heuer and Hublot, who entrusted us with their media relations campaign, the production of their video material, and its distribution to various TV channels such as SRF, Thomson Reuters, and CNN. To ensure that the videos could be streamed directly from the event to the TV channels at the best quality, we also supplied a high-performance WLAN network.

March 2016

Trendtage Gesundheit Luzern

Every year, around 600 attendees from business, politics, and public health congregate at the Culture and Convention Centre in Lucerne to discuss the latest trends over the course of two conference days. This year, our Live Interaction Tool helped facilitate the most important industry event in Switzerland. Attendees were able to participate interactively in the panel debates and vote on a variety of topics.

February 2016

SIX Hackaton Zürich - London

SIXHackathon, a 30-hour software and hardware development marathon, takes place on 4 March 2016 at Schiffbau in Zurich and simultaneously at RainmakingLoft in London. Around 200 FinTech enthusiasts will join the event. We will stream the finale, which features presentations of prototypes and concepts, live from Zurich to London. Our high-performance internet line and WLAN network, both of which will be installed specifically for the event, ensure the smooth broadcasting of the stream and an ultra-fast connection on site.

February 2016

New price list for Event Internet Services

Information and communication technology is sure to experience a transformation in the near future as ISDN slowly but surely runs its course. All IP and FTTH (fibre to the home) are already taking hold of the world of data transmission – we want to be ready today for the new technologies of tomorrow, which is why we are updating our products and services for you.

As of 1 March 2016, we will be introducing a new price list for Event Internet Services with changes to certain products and prices. Click here to find out everything you need to know.

February 2016

Digitalisation has arrived at ESAF

The current edition of the Marketing & Kommunikation trade journal reports in detail on the 2016 Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival held in Estavayer. As the infrastructure partner, we facilitate the digitalisation of one of Switzerland’s most traditional events. Our Head of Sales, Sven Bethke, and our Senior Consultant, Nick Küpfer, answer exciting questions on the digitalisation and structure of such an occasion.

Click here to read the article. 

January 2016

Testing online shops live

To promote a new e-commerce solution, Post Logistics offered e-commerce operators the chance to have their online shop tested and evaluated by four selected expert teams. The experts, all frequent, enthusiastic online shoppers, represent four different customer types: fashion-conscious women, trend-conscious young men, modern mothers and technology freaks.

On behalf of advertising agency Leo Burnett and in cooperation with Notch Interactive AG, our Digital Media team was responsible for the technical implementation of 65 live 1-to-1 video sessions between the four teams and the participants over three days.

As well as screen-sharing, an interactive Q&A segment between experts and participants was transmitted live, which participants were later able to download.

We also maintained a service hotline throughout the duration of the project.

January 2016

New partner and sponsor of the Swiss School of Live Marketing

We are joining paths with the Swiss School of Live Marketing (SLM). In our strategic partnership we are committed to sharing practical knowledge from the digital events sector with students.

The institution offers the only course in the events market leading to qualification as a Marketing Manager Communications & Events. Relevant occupational career profiles and activities in the LiveCom industry are highlighted.

Find out more about SLM (

January 2016

We’re moving!

After five years at Gartenhofstrasse 17 and constant growth in our team, our Zurich headquarters is slowly but surely coming apart at the seams. So it’s time for a bigger, better home. For our customers, nothing will change but the address: from Monday, 15 February 2016, our address is:

Swisscom Event & Media Solutions AG
Binzstrasse 7
8045 Zurich

We look forward to seeing you soon in our new location.