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In the 2018/19 season, blue Sport (formerly Teleclub) secured the exclusive rights to broadcast the UEFA Champions League in Switzerland. The public were invited into the blue Zoom TV studio to watch the knowledgeable football experts analyse live games in a laid-back environment.

Place allocation for event series

Space inside a TV studio is limited and must be allocated accordingly when managing participants. More than 40 live events were scheduled, for which the public could book a place in the audience via a special event website. Thanks to blue Sport and Zoon, 2,500 visitors were able to enjoy the TV show live inside the studio.

Specific event information

Whenever the public is invited to visit a TV studio, there are certain requirements when it comes to communication. For example, the booking confirmation must contain specific information for each event day, in order to make the visitors aware of things they need to know when visiting a television studio. With the automated Zoon communication rules, the confirmation process could be fully automated after initial configuration. This meant that, after registering for a place in the audience, the visitors had all the relevant information (including a calendar entry) at their fingertips, which saved the event organisers a lot of time.

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