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Coop Beachtour


The Coop Beach Tour is part of the top national beach volleyball tournament series and one of the best beach volleyball tournament series in the world. Despite the high standard of play, admission is free for visitors on all match days. This is one of the reasons why the games are watched by up to 200,000 spectators every year.

Porträt David Heissmann

«Two people come and put together the truck for you. It's fantastic!»

David Heissmann
Project manager Coop Beachtour

For the 2019 event, the organizers of the Beachtour wanted to offer visitors, VIPs and media representatives something very special. At Swisscom Event & Media Solutions they found what they were looking for: at five of the seven beachtour stations we provided Coop with one of our event trucks. The EventStar, which can be extended up to 6.45 meters, was not only a VIP area & media center but also an eye-catcher with matching Coop branding.

Swisscom's EventTrucks set new standards in terms of flexibility. Their true size can be seen in their versatility: be it as an event stage, party truck, presentation location, training or meeting room, call centre or, as on the beachtour, as a VIP lounge and media centre - there are practically no limits to their use.

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