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MTB & Trial EM

Referenz MTB & Trial Europameisterschaft

High-speed internet connection and live streaming at the MTB & Trial European Championship 2013

High travel costs, exposure to extreme weather, and standing in the middle of thousands of people with nothing to see at the end? Thanks to modern technology, this is a thing of the past. Swisscom Event & Media Solutions demonstrated how it can work for international events at the MTB & Trial European Championship 2013 that took place on 20 - 23 July 2013 in Bern. Swisscom enabled the Westside shopping centre, the sponsor of the event, to offer a live stream on their website without affecting their existing infrastructure. The daredevil driving skills of the sportsmen could be watched by the audience from the comfort of home or on a business trip on their PC, mobile phone or tablet. Swisscom made sure that the stream ran consistently flawlessly, regardless of whether 20 or 100,000 users were accessing it simultaneously.

In order to transmit the live TV production online and enable the organising committee and media to do their work, Swisscom designed and installed a complex network of high-speed internet connections between the two venues at Bundesplatz and Gurten. Through this network, moving images were broadcast on LED walls and various monitors on site.