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SBB Aktiv

SBB aktiv is a programme that makes the benefits of SBB’s Occupational Health Management available to all employees. It aims to strengthen team spirit by encouraging SBB employees to spend more of their free time enjoying activities with their work colleagues.

Employee community-building

Zoon’s Enterprise Community tool offers many different possibilities for employee community-building:
Staff in different locations can connect through common interests, which helps to foster the workplace culture and strengthen team spirit. At the same time, the company can make a contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of its employees.

User-generated micro events

The Enterprise Community module functions according to the principle of "by employees, for employees". It allows staff to publish their own micro events for others within the company. The ability to filter events by category, time or place makes it possible to find like-minded people across a wide variety of topics and interests.

Targeted promotion of activities

With Zoon Enterprise Community, SBB can promote individual activities in a targeted manner. For example, platform managers can highlight certain micro events as favourites on the portal, post news on specific topics, or even publish their own events.

After the initial configuration, SBB can now use Zoon for purposes other than arranging leisure activities, such as organising internal events, training courses and webinars

Our services

Main functions

Community platform

Corporate community platform with offers, news and search function

User profile

Individual profile for each employee, with profile picture, upcoming events, language

Front-end event manager

Creation of events directly in the portal, participant overview, communication tools, etc.

Community features

Participant overview, sharing, liking, commenting, rating events

Single sign-on

Login function via corporate authentication

Corporate language

Individual configuration of corporate branding