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SwissRadioDay 14

Referenz Swiss Radio Day 14

SRD 2014 – Radio, quo vadis?

SwissRadioDay 2014, which was integrated into the International Radio Festival this year, took place at Kaufleuten in Zurich on Wednesday 3 September. Talks at the festival focused on the future of the most popular and influential medium in the world, and at the end of the day everyone agreed that the event had been a success. Although the environment is becoming ever more competitive, radio remains stable as a medium. The day was covered continuously via our wireless network as news from the event was shared and streamed. To allow viewers not present at the event to learn more about the topics discussed, we recorded the lectures with our high-quality streaming technology and uploaded them to the SwissRadioDay YouTube channel. Did you miss the event? Here's another chance to catch up on what happened.

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