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Swisscom Dialogue Platforms

Swisscom Dialogue Platforms are the biggest and most important customer events of Swisscom B2B. They are held annually in western Switzerland, Ticino and central Switzerland. More than 1,500 participants meet to discuss future-relevant topics in the area of digitisation. Swisscom B2B relies on Zoon Corporate Event Management for the entire participant management process. 

Seamless digital event experience

Swisscom Dialogue Platforms offer a consistent digital event experience, seamlessly linking the different participant contact points – from personal invitation and registration to event access and interaction through to post-event communication.

Greater event efficiency

The visitors can register for a variety of breakout sessions according to their interests. What’s more, compliance guidelines are integrated into the registration process. The digital mapping and automation of these processes greatly reduced the amount of work involved in organising the event.

Efficient event access

The event is accessed with an e-ticket and a badge that is printed automatically after successful verification. Participants receive a badge for the individual breakout sessions that they have booked. Automated badge printing allows them to access the event quickly without having to queue up. What’s more, only those badges that are actually needed are printed off.

As soon as the participant accesses the event, the key account manager receives a text message with the participant’s name, so that they can welcome them in person.

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