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World Gymnaestrada

World Gymnaestrada 2011

World Gymnaestrada 2011 in Lausanne

From 10 to 16 July 2011, the world's biggest gymnastics festival took place in Lausanne. Swisscom Event & Media Solutions was also present as partner and sponsor of this large-scale event.

Our services comprised the planning, setting up and operation of the data networks and telephony. Our modern network was utilised by around 2,000 people a day – in particular, by the OC members, journalists, volunteers and representatives of the 55 national federations. In addition, we supplied the provider with the technical infrastructure and devices for the accreditation system, the call centre, the SMS service and the CCTV monitoring. We were also responsible for "Gym TV", and here specifically for the video productions and the streaming of the video signals to 30 monitors and 4 LED walls, which were located in the various performance venues. Last but not least, we also provided a logistics centre, which was manned by our staff every day. Visitors appreciated and actively took advantage of this point of contact for all technical questions and advice. We had a mere three weeks at our disposal for developing the IP network with approximately 80 CISCO switches. Another crucial and very time-intensive task was preparing the entire material – for example, ensuring the correct configuration of the 900 mobile phones which were provided to event officials and volunteers.

An excerpt of our infrastructure portfolio:
- 20 km of Ethernet cable
- 5 km of fibre optics cable
- 2.5 km of television cable
- 80 CISCO switches
- 100 WIFI access points
- 250 laptops
- 110 printers
- 450 Nokias
- 300 iPhones
- 360 radios on 24 channels
- 300 LAN connections
- 100 3G Unlimited
- 20 information kiosks
- 5 mobile phone charging stations
- around 100 ISDN and analogue lines

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